Tuesday 3rd June 2014

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Last night at XOYO I got to experience something pretty special and without ever stepping foot into this underground venue I had to leave all expectations at the door. I first heard Kiesza on the the TV, some music channel a few months ago and wondered who this young woman was as I had never heard of her before.  I watched the video for her new single ‘Hideaway’ and its fair to say that one, the girl can dance and two, she has an amazing voice to go with it.






Her real name goes as Kiesa Rae Ellestad.  Born in  the year of 1989 and is a Canadian singer-songwriter-dancer from Calgary, Canada.  She has most recently worked out of New York City and in London and also used to be apart of the Royal Canadian Navy with her brother. After doing some further research on her, I found out she is also a trained ballerina, knows how to tap dance and wrote her first song when she was 18 years old – talk about oozing with talent!



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After the two special guests had performed she came on stage just after 10pm and me and friends had managed to squeeze our way right to the front to get some up close and personal shots of the artist. I was really happy about the fact that the venue was intimate and alot smaller than I had imagined and even though it was a full house I didnt feel like I was going to get trampled in a mosh pit, which I have to say has never really been up my street. She came straight on with an upbeat, poppy tune cutting some awesome dance moves with her two back up dancers and DJ. The crowd abosolutely thrived on it and the energy in the room was spectacular. Being up front was just incredible and it made me realise how much I don’t go to enough live gigs and especially in a city like London where the amounts are just endless!







She finished off the show with ‘Hideaway’ of course and had everyone bopping along to the fun, poppy song. I couldn’t help but notice her outrageous clothing she was wearing and how ‘un-pretencious’ she came across, which is what I do really like about her. So humble and down to earth and very engaging with her fans, she asked at the end if she could take a selfie with everyone which I thought was super cool and very sweet.




This girl is one to watch for sure. Im a huge fan already so im really looking forward to seeing what she comes out with next. If you haven’t seen her yet, this is an absolute must and an order!! 🙂

To put it plain and simple – SHE ROCKS!



Check out her cover and slowed down version of ‘what is love’ in this video – im digging it




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