Wine and Cheese – yes please!


Wine and Cheese Tasting 22nd May 2014 – Imperial Wharf, Chelsea

I cant think of a better way to end the working day by finishing it off by eating delicious cheese and tasting some fine wine…….Italian wine that is and in a very interesting location I might add. My flatmate has scored a very good deal via Groupon and as I am always up for trying new things plus including two of probably my favourite things, I was more than happy to come along with her. 


At first i thought I may have been lost even though it was only located ten minutes from where I actually lived I had never taken the time to explore the back of Chelsea to Imperial wharf which is smack bang next to the river Thames and also Chelsea Harbour. I rocked up outside a massive yellow building which was actually a storage facility and then was taken down to the basement of which point I had really no idea where I was. Inside the cosy room with a large glass table and 16 chairs neatly laid out were rows of clean wine glasses, plates of cheeses and surrounded by bottles upon bottles of wines. We were seated at the head of the table next to the hosts and I quickly got snapping before everyone had arrived.



We had each been given a paper placement with our names on it (nice touch I thought) followed by the names of the wines we would be tasting. 4 reds and 1 sparkling wine in total. Claudio our host from Dionysius Importers started us off with abit of history of the wineries and al the different types of grapes. We were then shown a fun exercise of how to properly taste a wine by swishing it around the mouth, under the tongue and breathing through the nose to get the sense of the aromas and even to determine the percentage of the alcohol. 

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The first wine was called the Barbera Monferrato. Quite a strong full bodied red and probably my least favourite out of all of them. 

Wines to follow were – 

Pleve San Michele 

Bricco Alla Prera

Abbraccio – which was my pick of the night 

Lastly was the sparkling called Cuvee Imperiale Millesimato which was very fruity with a hint of strawberries , making it far too easy to drink and persuaded me to purchase at least one bottle. We were even fortunate enough to get a second round of the bubbles thanks to the generosity of the hosts! 



Each wine was paired with some gorgeous italian cheeses – 

Taleggio (very creamy)

Asiago (mild chedder)

Caciocavallo (Salty)

Rigatello (medium mature)

Finished off with a very sweet and mourish biscuit called the Taralli Dolci 


The tasting class took about 2 hours and we were then shown what wines we could purchase at the end with a 40% discount (bargain). Thoroughly lovely night even if you are not a wine connoisseur, I would definitely recommend doing one of these classes to learn the basic knowledge of the different wine regions and just having some fun, meeting new people and doing something thats a little different. 




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