View 94 – Riverside.

As Putney is an area I like to call ‘my side of town’ it seemed most appropriate to say yes to a review of View 94 and their brand spanking new autumn menu…. located on a very tranquil spot of the jetty, at Wandsworth riverside Quarter pier.



Rewinding back about 8 months ago, one chilly Sunday morning, I was strolling past and spotted what I thought was a new restaurant and remember peeping into the windows for a nosey and thinking, this place actually looks pretty alright, I must make a point of keeping a look out for when it is all finalised – I’m oh so keen to check it out.

So there you go – it finally happened. 



The restaurant is divided into two different areas. Firstly you will step inside the lounge bar with ceiling glass doors, exposing plenty of natural sun light. The large bi-folding doors are opened during the summer months, with the option of having heaters on and blankets supplied during the more chillier times if you dare to dine outdoors.  The bar itself serves a whole range of wines, cocktails and beers and while I sipped away on my lime caprioska cocktail, I got a really good sense of the place and an overall relaxed vibe to it. 

………..Which of course is just what you want after a hard day of work! 


After all the peeps had arrived, we were ushered up the spiraling staircase, to the top level where we were greeted by polished timber floors, a sprawling open plan floor and wrap around windows displaying panoramic views of the Thames and adjacent leafy Hurlingham Park.

The space had a lovely fresh feeling to it – just like being near the seaside! 



The menu for the evening was a choice of three delightful courses from the a la carte menu and I will quickly mention that there is also a tasting course option if you;re feeling extra hungry.  Antonio Sanzone, who is the award winning mastermind behind all the dishes incorporates his Italian roots and I’m told that every dish has a story behind it. If I could describe the menu, it would be a mixed fusion of modern European cuisines. 

Right, tets tuck in!

So firstly the red and white wines were poured around the table and what I must add here is that almost all of the wines on the premises were entirely organic, biodynamic and hand-selected by the lovely Maitre D’ Cristiano Morini. Well done on that front. 


An apéritif of Antoni’s take on ‘fish & chips’ was served up first and accompanied with a very flavoured mushy pea and mint foam on a crystal blue coloured plate which seemed rather fitting with the theme. And basically what I was eating was a batter of chips covered in scrumptious batter (yes looks can be very deceiving) which was down the hatch in a matter of seconds. Goodo.



My dish of choice and no surprises here at all – the beef tartare with cured egg yolk and centred in a delicate Reggiano crown, was slightly different to the traditional tartare but I am always always up for trying experimental dishes. Life would be ridiculously boring if you didn’t! 



For the main, it was all eyes on the lobster moka risotto with spring onion puree and finished off with a drizzling of shellfish cappuccino in a cute miniature coffee cup blender. Now me being extremely caffeine sensitive and all, I did have a mild moment of panic but I was rest assured that it was more the flavours described than the actual strength of it. Again another avant-garde dish, which I loved because I could really see how much effort and passion had been used to create something that was really significant to the chef. 



Finishing off with the desserts, I decided to go for something I wouldn’t otherwise choose and that was the mince pie with pear with cinnamon sorbet and a unique Jamaican rum scent. Sounds rather festive doesn’t it and might I add, completely lush and very presentation plus! 

Not only was this dish a stand out for me, the plate it was displayed on was actually quite amazing and the Jamaican scent was rather extraordinary and nothing quite like I had seen before. It was in an actual perfume bottle and with a few quick sprays, the cameras were clicking as we were all pretty impressed with the creativity behind this one. 



All I can say is that I’m definitely lucky enough to have experienced a tip top evening such as this, filled with fresh, original dishes, gorgeous first class surroundings and lastly, some terrific company.  

Anyway the photo evidence is clear, so you be the judge. 🙂


Riverside Quarter Pier, Prospect Quay, 94 Point Pleasant, London SW18 1PP

Bookings: 020 8425 9870

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  1. Wow, looks amazing! Love the pic of everyone taking pics of the food – made me giggle x

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