Vietnamese, rock n roll tunes & unlimited Prosecco….

Say what?! 

The House of Ho is just another eating space to get involved with the whole cuisine themed brunch craze and im totally digging every bit of it. 

Naturally it doesn’t take much to convince me of trying something thats not ‘your average run of the mill’ so this place was an easy decider when it came to booking. Located in the quirkier part of town, Soho really has got it going on when it comes to food and the endless variety it has to offer. I for one, are a huge fan.


The weekend brunch kicks off around lunchtime which kind of makes it more an early lunch but after you see how much is on the menu you need not to worry about cooking up a storm that evening or munching on a piece of peanut butter toast as your walking out the door. You are in for quite the treat so be prepared for a smorgasbord. 



The restaurant itself is quite funky and as promised, delivered some very cool rock n rolls tracks cranking in the background. I had asked for a table right next to the window facing onto the street or is that on the street as thats what it felt like… Best advantage of this was a warmish temperature out, so with the flaps wide open it also made for a great people watching spot. 



Kicking off the brunch we are given a refreshing lychee bellini with some edamame & prawn crackers. No not the ones you get for free at your local Chinese; these had actual flavour to them and with the raw saltiness of the beans, it was a match made in heaven. 



With the sharing plates, you can decide between 6 if there are two of you.   This ranges from imperial rolls, stuffed tofu, smokey aubergine or our favourite the Duck Pho Cuon. Superb selection. 





On top of this there are also your mains to come. Not even kidding. So we opted for the lemon grass chicken and the Vietnamese chicken curry. Both were exceptionally outstanding with your typical traditional style Vietnamese influences. Included are some decent sized bowls of sticky rice and not forgetting some greenery to include in your 1 in 5 a day intake. 





So about the dessert.

Yep there was more to come. This is picked out especially from the chef or as I read it on the menu in front of me – chefs special dessert. I do quite like a surprise! 


Best way to describe it was like a coconut rice pudding, a swirl of berries with a sprinkling of sesame seeds and nuts. Honestly it was so light and incredible lush, I could have gone for seconds.

Anyone would think I hadn’t eaten for the past week…. 



The most vital part I missed out is the unlimited prosecco. How could I forget such a thing. You can sip on as much bubbles as you want plus the mountains of dishes all for just 29 quid per person. It really is quite unbelievable how generous this menu is. 

This has to be the biggest brunch by far I have experienced and for a bargain price, I would come back and do it all again in a heartbeat. 

Service on point. Very very IMPRESSED. 


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