Turning Japanese at Sake No Hana, Mayfair

Japanese for many years, has always been high on list of favourite cuisines.  One because it is a healthier alternative to most other cuisine types and two, the flavours are  generally second to none and it just always tastes so damn good!



Tonight I was meeting up with a couple of close friends and after hearing rave reviews from so many others I just had to choose this place for a perfect dinner catch up. A modern and contemporary restaurant, Sake no Hana is owned by the Hakkasan Group and located in a swanky part of the West End. 


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The restaurant itself is situated on the second level and once you make your way up the very narrow escalator you are greeted by the friendly chefs to the left and escorted to your table. We had decided to give the set menu a go and I wont lie it was part of a fabulous deal provided thanks to Squaremeals that I clearly couldnt say no to!  


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Out waiter was extremely tentative but not to overbearing. I’m not one on being pushed on what to order straight away but I also can’t stand it when you go to a restaurant and no one gives you the service that you require within the first 10 minutes – this is so important when making a good impression for your customer.   The set menu consisted of 4 tantalising courses. A glass of sparkling Prosecco was poured for us and sadly the only drink I got to enjoy due to putting a small ban on myself for the past few weeks and until I toodle off on my beach holiday. Oh one never hurt anyone right?  



In order of preference for the evening – 

Spicy warm edamame beans

Koimo Shiro Miso – a white soup with yam croquettes 

Tori Sukiyaki Toban – Chicken, onion and mushroom type broth 

A side of spinach 

Spicy Chirashi Maki – Salmon sushi roll with avocado, cucumber and white fish 

Dessert of the evening – Maki Panna cotta with a tropical sorbet ice cream 

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As you probably guessed by now, I love to eat food and loads of it however when it comes to a set menu I am always weary as to whether or not I will be able to fit all the courses in.  Now since we are talking Japanese or is that turning Japanese..? Anyway the best thing about eating this type of food is that it is generally fairly light and far far from stodgy. I can remember back on the Gold Coast at the local sushi train where I would demolish at least 5 – 6 plates of the stuff. I just never found it filled that huge gap of a stomach of mine.

The white Miso was a lovely way to start off and a first for me to experience it with a yam croquettes. The best way to describe it in short would be like having a potato but with crumbly edges and slightly soggy. Good distinctive flavours never the less. 

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The chicken broth surprised me actually. Packed full of goodness with a variety of mushrooms, soft tofu and served with a side of sticky steamed rice and wilted spinach which was equally as delicious.  Nothing was left on the plate to spare if your asking. When the Salmon sushi rolls were presented on the table (6 in total) I was very pleased of how amazingly soft and fresh they were. I am extra fussy when it comes to sushi, without naming and shaming I just can’t get over the fact that places here in London that serve cold sushi, I mean come on…. 🙂 

Our last surprise was the dessert of the evening and I highly anticipated something out of the ordinary.  Served on a large ceramic black bowl was a uniquely presented dish of Maki Panna cotta with what looked like sorbet ice cream – tropical to be exact with a hint of sliced tomatoes which by the way was a little bitter for my liking However the white chocolate edible leaf which i discovered you could eat, made up for the unusual flavours which my palate had to just go through. Very different to what I have had before and unsure as to whether everything worked well together however in saying this I have never really been a big fan of Maki so this one I will have to let go and perhaps you can make that judgement for yourself if you decide to dine here. 


Dinner was done and completed within the two-hour sitting which is  normally a standard thing when dining at these kind of places. It was highly unlikely on a Wednesday night to be kicked off the table but worst case there is always a bar downstairs to serve you drinks until your heart is content or should I say intoxicated..


Over all im impressed with the high standard of service provided, tasteful décor and most importantly, quality appetising food all served in a timely manner. 

          Square Meal

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