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Recently I was asked to take part in the Art Spas Says Relax competition, which got me thinking. What are the type of things I fancy doing when it comes to unwinding and relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle that the London lifestyle brings? 

Well here are 5 ways I believe certainly help me.



1.  Going to the cinema

I love going to watch a film and switching everything off. This includes my mobile phone that I admittedly spend far too much time on these days.  Its a great way of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours and not having to worry about what is going on around you. Sitting back, stuffing your face with popcorn or loads of sugar and being engrossed in a good flick is just the best, isn’t it?! 





2. Weekend cheese & wine sessions

There is nothing quite like a mid afternoon session in the garden or sat in a comfy sofa chair, having a selection of gourmet cheeses, some full-bodied red wine and chit chats with your bestie. A great way to unwind with all the comforts. Oh and don’t forget to add some bitter dark chocolate and a sneaky gin to finish. That will do me nicely. 



 photo 2


3. Working out

I’ve been going to the gym for over 10 years now and never have I once felt like im sick of it or developed a ‘cant be bothered’ attitude towards it.

You’re probably thinking how on earth can this possibly be relaxing. Working out is hard going, don’t get me wrong but its the after feeling of a clear head and I tell you after a mentally draining day at work, this cannot be beaten. Lifting weights and doing cardio is part of my general regime but I also like to mix it up with a few classes in between so it doesn’t get so mundain.

Any type of exercise is good for you regardless. A healthy fit body = a healthy, stress free, relaxed state of mind. 





4. Home pampering sesh

Every woman loves to be pampered but finding the time for such a thing can almost seem impossible these days. When I have few hours spare, I love nothing more than putting on a pair of comfy PJ’s, some fluffy slippers, an organic face mask and sitting in front of the box.  I prepared a face mask today I found online using only banana, honey and some lemon juice. Below are the details. Let me warn you that its a pretty messy exercise and visually not so appealing to look at but I had a fair bit of amusement trying to mush it all over my face. The skin did feel slightly smoother and fresher but that was before I realised there were lumps of what looked like baby food all over the floor…oopps


2 bananas (ripe so you can mush them up)

Organic Honey (the more organic the better)

1 lemon squeezed (although 2 tablespoons will be enough)

Mix together and presto!


Leave on for 15 minutes 






5. Must have music –

One of my favourite ways to relax is without a doubt is listening to music. For me personally, music is something I could never go a day without listening too. EVER. I still love to whip out a cd from my larger than life collection I have from time to time otherwise Im addicted to Spotify. Yes, before you judge, I am old school like that.

Anything ranging from deep house, electro or buddha bar lounge to the beautiful sounds of classical violinist Vanessa Mae. It puts me in a zone which is hard to describe using words but anybody who is a muso will definitely get what I am trying to say here. 

Headphones in. World off.  



*This is a sponsored post. All views/content are my own* 

You too can enter this competition if winning a spa weekend sounds like your cup of tea.  Head over to their page by clicking HERE to see all terms & conditions. 



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