The Refinery @ Regents Place


Britishly brilliant and wonderfully cosy.


A first time visit to this Regents Place bistro restaurant, I am greeted with the warm presence of its high beam ceilings, beautifully designed furniture draped in sheepskin rugs. It almost feels like I should be in the middle of some snowy region, toasting marshmallows, log fire and all.

You wont be disappointed with that fact that it comes with its own buzzing atmosphere, even for a Wednesday night, the bar to the far left side is packed with after work goers knocking back a glass of vino or three.


Andreas was our waiter for the evening and was most obliging when it came to choosing the ‘right’ cocktail. There is a decent selection, including a ‘skinny’ range for those who like to watch the calories. 


Lavender love is a gin based cocktail with, you guessed it, lavender sugar, raspberries and my latest obsession – frothy egg white. This is living 🙂




Starting off with some ginger squid and crispy bits of sweet potato, my foodie partner in crime went for the chicken satay. Which I might add was the bees knees!



On to the next cocktail and since im all about trying new things, I was interested to know what a skinny gold fish in a bag was all about. Keeping with the gin theme (we should always stick to the same drink of poison) included was rhubarb bitters, pink grapefruit and edible lily pads. Just sounds absolutely delightful doesn’t it. 




With the main course in site, I had my heart set on the cottage pie with sweet potato mash. Im not going to lie, I have not eaten one single meat pie since ive lived in the UK so as I wasn’t actually sure what I was in for, I kept the expectations to mid range level. 



Okay so the sweet potato mash was immense! This dish is comfort food to the max so be prepared to feel extremely full afterwards ie sinking into the chair and wanting to undo a few buttons (not shy at all here)





As I always tend to go for the sweeter option and since I had gorged so much already, the sensible thing to do was either order nothing (which is never an option) or the cheese platter. Lady B was slightly more adventurous with her selections and went for the ‘mini’ pudding shots. 




Mini they were not! Arriving in lavish, colourful glass dessert bowls there was a trio of brownie, apple crumble and wagon wheel. One should never complain about over the top portion sizes, however this was just insane but heavenly pleasing at the same time. 



Despite the fact that we were so ridiculously full by the end of the night, there was still room for a few snaps with plenty of happy, smiley faces. True evidence of a splendidly great evening. 






The Refinery 

5 Brock Street, Regents Place, London NW1 3FG (closest tube Warren St & Euston Square)


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