The Mad-hatter’s afternoon tea soiree


Location: Sanderson Hotel

Mission: to eat as many cakes as we can






The hotel is located in the Upper West End on Berner’s Street and my word this place is ridiculously cool. Filled with wickedly mismatched chairs of red lips and ones that twirl around and just to the right is the long bar buzzing with after work party goer’s and a chilled blend of house beats. The afternoon tea itself took place in the outside area which is actually a closed in conservatory, separated in two parts by a very tranquil garden and a bit of mood lighting to throw in there.






The waiter called Andres was very tentative and firstly offered us a selection of their speciality teas to start off with. rhubarb and custard and chocolate mint. Good start indeed. The menu which is cleverly hidden in a vintage book and comes with a riddle, really does fit within the theme ever so perfectly. I had to of course order the Scarlett martini – rosewater and cucumber. Had to be done. After all is was Friday evening.  The tiers of beautifully presented cakes soonly followed by a selection of condiments.  The sandwiches were all nicely wrapped and they even managed to use rye bread which made me one happy customer.









The melting mango cheesecake was an absolute winner and a must to try. I’m not going to spill too much but wait until you get to the middle for the surprise – divine my friends. DIVINE. We were even lucky enough to have seconds bought to us on this one which I didn’t say no to taking home with me. The scones of chocolate and spinach (not together obviously) were equally as delicious and a nice touch to the evening was the brightly coloured meringue carrots in a bed of pea shoots and the fluffy strawberry marshmallow mushrooms (thats a mouthful in itself!).








But wait that s not all folks… behind us was a table with a selection of wonderland jellies (as they like to call it) and even though I really couldn’t fit anything more on by this stage, I felt the absolute need to have a taste of each. It would be rude not to. The jellies were intensely sweet but I recommend you try them and maybe not at the end of the sitting…!









My all time favourite menu item was the miniature bottle labeled ‘drink me’ which was a potion of unbelievable amazing flavours coming from that straw.  Will have to leave it up to you to try for this one for yourself as I dont have any words of explanation to describe it at this point. Im just far to busy enjoying it 😉 





The evening just wouldn’t have been the same without taking some posy shots on all the eccentric furniture on display.








Have to say I am very impressed with this one. The service could not be faulted, the staff were very friendly and almost bent over backwards for you.  The atmosphere and the ambience in general were second to none and for the £38 they were asking for, I didn’t think was a bad price either.





The Ritz and Dorchester are great if you like a really fancy afternoon soiree but if your like me and you enjoy something slightly out there, then this is your kind of place to check out!







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  1. Wow, this seems like an awesome place!!

  2. Looks like heaven you would need to take time over it all

    • We had to sit there for two hours and even then I could have stayed for another hour but they wanted to bring out more food!!!

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