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I dont tend to visit many Indian restaurants since being over this side of the world. Its not because I don’t want too, its simply knowing where the best places to go are. Me being as particular as I am, are more than happy to wait until the right time arises.  


I was invited along to the Zomato meet up with a number of other hungry foodies, eager to get stuck into the huge feast we were about to embark on. Now I had the golden opportunity of being able to eat some of the best curries in the country.

We had about 22 dishes to get through. 22!! I know, sounds crazy doesn’t it. I mean that is ALOT of food in one sitting to taste but luckily I had come with an appetite as big as Everest and was totally up for the challenge. 


Just to give you some background, Gaylord was established back in 1966 and is considered one of London’s oldest and most elegant Indian Restaurants. Situated in the centre of the West end and not far from the ever so busy Oxford street, makes its location very desirable and easily reachable, while offering some the best Mughlai and North-Indian dishes  around town. 



We started with a bunch of canapes which included their traditional Golgappa shot – very unusual to look at but leaves a satisfying zing in your mouth.  We had some mini Bheipuri cones.  Loved loved loved the fancy presentation here with some added crunch.



The starters were all so moorish in taste. From the tiger prawns to the cloved smoked minced chicken and the Tacos, well they came on their own little ride and weren’t they just divine!












While waiting for next lot of courses, I ended up playing musical chairs (as you do) and swapped tables with red wine in hand while getting the chance to mingle with some downright lovely people. I just love the way food brings everyone together, especially when a Mexican phone wave is involved. Brilliant!


Before we knew it, dishes upon dishes starting arriving and they just kept coming and coming and coming. So much food sprawled all over the table with striking smells wafting all around the room. I just didn’t know where to dig my knife and folk into first.



The mains compromised of a number of wonderful treasures. The lamp shank in particular was a goodie. Plenty of intense spicy flavours, just the way I like it.  Not forgetting the cucumber raita and dipping mountains of it all over the assorted Tandoori baked breads.  Table manners are straight out the window on this occasion people..




After a few more glasses of wine I was starting to sink into my chair and undo a couple of buttons. Food coma incoming…




Oh but don’t forget the dessert. What?! Of course how could I have possible ignored such a thing or even thought about the possibility of fitting in more food. Did someone say struggle street because the indicators were on.



Out comes their speciality – GajarHakwa or in other terms Carrot pudding. Very different to any dessert ive ever had the opportunity of trying, the texture and colour was just gorgeous.


For the finale, it was a-blazing.  Involving purple flames and alcohol, we were all highly amused with a cake being set alight. They call this the Gulab Jamin Flambeed which is deep fried balls of evaporated milk, soaked in flavoured sugar syrup then set a light with dark rum.  Highly potent and bursting with plenty of liquor flavours which in my opinion, is an ideal way to finish a superbly good evening.




Sameer and his team are incredibly hospitable. It is evidently clear that they share a passion for food and take the upmost pride in delivering the best service to their customers.  An elegant, exotic and majestic experience that is one not to be missed! 


79-81 Mortimer Street
London W1W 7SJ, UK
020 7580 3615
020 7636 0808



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