The Fela! @ Brooklyn Bowl



Food and Music. The combination just doesn’t get any better than that.  


After having a smashing time at the Brooklyn Bowl not so long ago and being super impressed with the venue, I was delighted to return only this time around it included a live music act called The Fela!  If you aren’t already well aware by now, I have a strong desire for music, whether its a DJ in a super club, a classical orchestra, a jazz band in some intimate back street bar or a dramatic performance of Italian opera in Holland Park. Whatever genre it might be, im fortunate enough to the have the opportunity of experiencing all of this and right on the edge of my doorstep. 




Not only does BB offer some off the chart food to nibble on and 12 lanes of social bowling, they have also played host to some of the biggest acts in the music industry.     

Acts include – Lauryn Hill, Pharrell Williams, We Are Scientists, The Dandy Warhols, Dinosaur Jr. and im sure many more to come in the future. 


As always, the hospitality and service is world class. I invited my best friend to tag along with me and get her take on what she thought of the American chain. Top points once again on the food menu. Okay so its full of sugar and loaded with salt but it tastes so damn good (you know it). In fact for a bowling alley, its definitely the best ive tried. Who remembers those hot soggy chips in a basket when you were a kid… urrrgh?! 


I was pretty eager to see a performance from this New York band known as CHOP AND QUENCH, “The Fela! Band” .Mainly known for their straightforward performances of classic Fela Kuti compositions, they are all about bringing their own original music to the stage. Comprising of 13 members, its probably the biggest band ive ever seen live. Truly. 



Their on stage performance was completely different to what I was expecting and although I shouldn’t be mentioning this, would give Beyonce a run for her money! Flambouyant, high energy with sizzling and brightly coloured costume, the one thing I enjoyed the most about this band was seeing how happy they looked on stage and how natural it all was for them. Now thats what you call loving what you do! 




Big ups to BB London and Michelle for inviting me along to another outstanding evening.  Great gig venue and worth checking out if you have never been before. 

By the way, have to mention how super duper their Frozen margaritas are. The best! 



Address: The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX

Twitter: @BBowllondon 


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