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Okay so perhaps I am biased when it comes to Japanese food ie. Sushi. I can’t lie, I really do have an infatuation with it. Give it to me any day of the week, breakfast, lunch and dinner. I know. Freak.



So getting more to the point of this post, I was most delighted when asked if I would like to review Koji, located on the New Kings Road and conveniently very close to home. This contemporary establishment is rather pleasing to the eye, the moment you walk through the door. Owned and operated by Mark & Pat Barnett and also collaborating with Nobuhisha Takahasi, ex-head sushi chef for Nobu in both London & Cape Town.




Firstly I just loved the cocktail bar which greets you with bold feathered lamp shades the moment you walk in the door. The cocktail list is extensive and you really can’t say no to a martini. I don’t know about you but I much prefer to have the option of having a pre-dinner drink or even if you are just after that sneaky drink with your work colleagues. Throw in some delicious edamame beans to munch on and you are laughing.




After being lead downstairs to our table, I skimmed the room and couldn’t help but notice the fit-out and design of the lighting. Each table had its down light shining brightly into the centre while the rest of the restaurant was slightly dimmed. Mood lighting appreciation right there. Downstairs is a sushi bar where you have the option to sit and watch your food being prepared. Back in Australia there are loads of places just like this, in particular the teppanyaki grills which im also a huge advocate for.





Greeted by our friendly waiter we started the evening off with some traditional Sake. Now I know that im supposed to be doing dry January BUT … this is for work purposes and I had to break it for this occasion only (only once I promise). Besides its made from fermented rice and has low calories, so its kinda healthy 🙂 Uragasanryu Koka which is a fruity sake came in a ‘icebox’ with two saucer like cups, perfect for sipping away.




The menu is packed with a decent amount of snacks, sushi in all forms, hot and cold tapas and the no-nonsense miso soup. Starting with traditional Japanese dumplings of pork and ginger, grilled aubergine spicy miso and tuna tantaki. similar to that of the Sashimi family and accompanied with some spicy ponzu sauce. The Aubergine was pleasant in flavour and again had that nice hint of spice present. Speaking of sashimi we opted for the crab rather than the salmon. A simple yet fresh sea salty taste.  Onto the sushi and you cannot go wrong with their spicy tuna and maki. Maki meaning ‘rolled’ by a bamboo mat and cut into pieces of 6-8. We decided to be daredevils and try out the eel and avocado aka ‘colours of the rainbow’. The tuna is ridiculous! We both agreed, the best we’ve had to date, very impressed. Duck wasabi was our final dish which sounded somewhat interesting. Covered in droplets of green onion and ‘prawn antennas’ for garnish as I liked to call them. Finished off nicely with some sticky rice and added soy sauce. Gorg.






Last but not least we were recommend the Sakura & Sake Chocolate Truffles for dessert and the Yuzu Cheesecake. A good-looking bunch of desserts I must say.  The truffles resembled that of lollipops with a decadent centre oozing with an alcoholic after taste. Definitely not for the faint hearted but quite an experience to top off a spectacular evening.







After spending just under 4 hours here, it’s really not surprising that this place is popular with the locals. Every table was full with a relaxed, buzzy vibe allowing you to still have a conversation without screaming over everyone else. Service was fantastic with plenty of staff to assist you throughout the evening.



If you love  your Japanese, please please give this one a go. It’s a goody, I promise. 



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