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Thanks to Grove Communications, I was given the chance to meet with the wonderful Susan Caplan at her showroom in Camden and view all of her stunning vintage pieces she has collected over the many years. I also had plenty of fun trying on some of the jewellery which lets be honest ladies, we all love to do! 

I was greeted by a very bubbly and friendly woman called Louisa who talked me through the business side of things and how Susan Caplan all started.  








I also got the chance to interview Susan and below are some questions I threw out there to find out  a bit more about how it all began with this talented woman. 


1. When did you realise you wanted to become a Jewellery collector?

“I’ve always known. My parents really encouraged an interest in art and design when my sister and I were growing up. I started collecting my own little treasures on trips around the world when I was working as a beauty therapist on the QEII.”

2.     In terms of Fashion and Jewellery designs, what are your inspirations?

“I am inspired by beautiful craftsmanship – it could be an intricate delicate design or a bold, statement style and I would appreciate them just as much.” 

3.     What is your favourite brand you have collaborated with to date and why?

“I couldn’t possibly single one out – each collaboration has allowed me to share different parts of our collections from Selfridges and our vintage Versace pop up to Issa London and accessorizing their SS13 Fashion Show (it was very Elizabeth Taylor which I loved).” 

4.     What makes you different from other Jewellery collections?

“Well of course being a vintage collector is the biggest difference but further to that, I believe that the quality and condition of my pieces, together with the breadth of our range, is quite unique.”

5.     Tell me about the best part of your job as a collector?

“I love the jewellery – I’m able to explore the world sourcing my collections so I see so many different types of jewellery on my travels.”

6.     What is the most cherishable piece of Jewellery you have found so far?

“I think I would have to say that it was the vintage Versace body piece that I sourced for a collaboration we did with Selfridges a few years ago. It was really very special and originated from Gianni Versace’s 1992 bondage collection (image attached)”

7.     What should we expect to see in the future for Susan Caplan?

“There is a lot to come from Susan Caplan over the next year including collaborations and special projects – watch this space!”

8.     And most importantly where can we go to find all these exquisite pieces of yours?

“You can go straight to our website ( or visit one of our stockists in store” –







I am an avid lover of Chanel and Christian Dior so I could hardly contain myself when I saw all the gorgeous pieces surrounding me. But thats not all. She has plenty of other treasures from the likes of Versace, Valentino, Monet, Givenchy and Celine. Bold and elegant necklaces, mostly gold-plated with plenty of glitzy and glam earrings/brooches to match. Susan’s clients range from famous faces such as Rita Ora, Claudia Schiffer, Emma Watson, Rihanna and only recently has she collaborated with the popular online store, ASOS.  


There is no denying that her collection is of the utmost high standard and well-kept condition that they pride themselves on.



The fabulous picture below is Susan’s favourite – the Versace body piece. Which I can totally understand why – magnificently beautiful! 

Vintage Versace BodyPiece







Susan’s attention to detail is also one to take note of. I couldn’t help but notice the perfect condition of each item considering that a lot of items are well over 40 years old.








If you would like to view and purchase some of these incredible beautiful pieces you can visit them online at

If you’re an Instagramer you can follow all their dreamy pictures – susan_caplan 

Or on Twitter @Susan_Caplan 

Contact the team today on +44 (0)207 424 7809

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