Summer-time Supper club @ Fabulous698B

It’s Supper time…..!

I don’t know about you, but the idea of being invited into someones home to dine with complete strangers does sounds a little on the extravagant side of things…

Well yes and no. You see, this craze is hardly old news, in fact, supper clubs have been happening since I first arrived in London many years ago and the opportunity of experiencing it first hand at a brunch club which was organised through a friend in Dalston about 4 years ago, was actually far better than I had anticipated.

When the lovely people at Tabl asked me to review a recommendation of theirs called the Fabulous698B, it was a big fat yes all the way from me.


Maja Pauling & Guillaume Jounoe are the creative masterminds behind this adorable supper club and with a vision to eventually turn it into a full time restaurant, I don’t think they are far off reaching this goal. 



The location of the ‘Summer time’ taster course was located in the heart of the city, in a funky little pop up restaurant called the Patio. Funnily enough it happened to be smack bang in the middle of a bowling green and being a saturday evening in Bank meant it was typically quiet (apart from a few getting boozy and deciding to roll around on it) . I really do appreciate randomness. 




Maja was very welcoming and once everyone had taken their seats, she guided us through the menu for the evening and I was very eager to see what was in store for us. I bought my boyfriend along with me but the beauty about these types of meet ups is that you do have the option of coming on your own – its very social and normally everyone speaks about food, which we all know is the best topic of conversation!


The table was decked out in gorgeous blooms which boded well with the summer theme of the evening. We were also greeted with a PIMMS cocktail, before being served the amuse bouche – beautifully presented duck and smoked salmon.



Starting from the top and working our way down the lush-worthy menu, up first was the Watermelon seeds, fresh cheese and basil. The plate was laid with some of the most delicate ingredients including mini watermelons that tasted like cucumbers. It was almost like being back at the Fat Duck again and being so confused about how things tasted but looked actually looked the complete opposite of what we were eating…. It really is the peculiar feeling. 



Next up was the line caught cod, peas, bean and lemon. I actually removed myself from the table to observe the plate preparation and to see just how much work goes into preparing so many dishes in the one go. Its rather fascinating as well as being exhausting to watch.

I think I will stick to reviewing thanks 🙂  




The dish itself was an array of beautiful shades of green and reminding me off a leafy garden in the countryside. The fish, was cooked to perfection and very light on the stomach which is what we prefer to enjoy over the summer months! 


The third dish was slightly heavier (but I promise was as equally delicious) and consisted of Spring lamb, ratatouille, delectable juicy tomatoes and with a sprinkling of baby mint leaf. Honestly, whatever they put in that sauce was next level. Please don’t ever amend, adjust, nothing!!  Absolute perfection paired with the lamb 🙂


And last but not least (and the most exciting part of every dinner) the more than 

Cherry bakewell tart!


For me it was more like a theatrical performance! After sitting around and letting the food go down, the suspense was driving me crazy but then, all of a sudden the music came on and out came the trolley of goodies. I knew at that point, we were in for a real treat!





The table was covered head to toe with whipped cream, an assortment of berries, burnt caramel, peaches, almond sponge cake, chocolate mousse, teacups filled with PIMMS, dazzling sparklers and the rest that I can barely remember due to being so wrapped up in the moment!

It was all rather dramatic and overwhelming… but in a good way of course.



So there you go. Another awesome supper club to tick off the list (and a fabulous one at that!) To put into a few simple words, I would say its very stupendous, honest fun, with quality elements and so much individuality. I really could go on for days here otherwise!

ALSO, its BYO with no corkage fee – now you can’t argue with that. 

For more info and upcoming events you can check out their Facebook page – 

*** *** 

Smashing work guys! 

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  1. So beautiful! And that dessert is just bloody everything, isn’t it? YES YES YES x

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