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Body loves Pilates is owned and operated by my friend Alice Gramlick who used to be a co-worker of mine a few years ago and as I was going through my ‘health conscious’ month back in July, it seemed appropriate that we do some type of collaboration since I am also becoming quite the fan of the popular fitness work out. 



The perfect location on a warm summers night in my garden, I was lucky enough to have a private one on one session with Alice while getting to know the ins and out of the techniques used (in particular with the way you have to breath). If this is something you haven’t tried before, its really not that easy the first time around (being completely honest here) but after 10 or more sessions I can genuinely say that you will see some changes in your body shape. (and we all love to hear this!)


I’ve only been doing Pilates for the past year or so. On and off as I tend to enjoy weight training in between but there is something about Pilates that I really do have a soft spot for. Perhaps it is the learning to breath properly through the tummy/core while loosening body parts and in the most uncompromising positions. For me, its all part of the challenge and I am certainly not the type who gives up easily. 



Alice is a fantastic instructor who is extremely professional and knows exactly what she is doing when she teaches. I also loved the way she made it ‘fun’ while coming up with some brilliant one liners or in another words, explaining it in a more comedic way! Exercising should always be a gratifying experience and if you’re just forcing yourself to like something there is a fair chance you are going to be packing it in, in no time.

Of course we should always make sure safety is the number one priority. Always making sure that you have warmed those muscles up properly and advise of any injuries you may have. (Alice will make sure this is all taken care of before the session begins). 




Alice also runs group classes and corporate work place Pilates around the North, West & Central London areas. 

If you’d like to know more or have a chat with the lovely lass, you can click below for all the deets – 

Tel: +44 7947 127 013

Facebook click here

Twitter @BodyLovesPilates 

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