Society Dining Club Dinner @ Canvas by Michael Riemenschneider

And then there were 6……

6 London Society Club dinners to be precise. It was Friday night and I wasnt feeling to flash from an ongoing sickness that was lurking around. I was determined to make it this evening as Im not one for letting people down nor did I want to miss out on dining at this exclusive restaurant tucked away in Marylebone Lane.

Owned by Swiss Chef Michael Riemenschneider, I was greeted with a warm welcome into the cosy and intimate restaurant that seats only but 20. A modern and pleasant decor surrounded by the obvious collections of canvas paintings.  We were seated downstairs at the back corner of the restaurant with the feeling of our own ‘private dining’ experience.   The concept of this restaurant is quite unique with up to 16 different tasting plates to try from leaving you in charge of building your own menu to the selection of your taste buds desires.

Before we were to dig into the first plate of the evening we were given a small selection of appetizers. One of which included a rather strong and overpowering pea soup in a compact jam jar which reminded me of a green smoothie but with a slightly different texture. 


1st course on the menu was the chicken, bean, asparagus and truffle mushroom followed by the distinctive taste of the monkish. The pork and the lamb had some intestting combinations of flavours which believe it or not, worked together very nicely. It was a first for me to try some black pudding and without having anything to compare it with, I did quite enjoy the unusual almost burnt taste combined with the apple and mashed potato.





Scallop – Cucumber – Horseradish & Yoghurt – Radish

* * *

Sea Bass – Fondue – Caper Berries – Navet

* * *

Langoustine – Pearl Barley – Veal – Asparagus – Jus Crustace

* * *

Octopus – Baby gem – Tomato – Confit Potatoes

* * *

John Dory – Foie Gras – Grapes – Saffron

* * *

Foie Gras – Rhubarb – Rye – Riesling

* * *

Pig – Hock & Belly  – Apple – Cider

* * *

Duck – Corn – Orange – Chicory

* * *

Venison – Solferino – Walnut – Chocolate

* * *

Beef – Sirloin, Rib & Tail – Carrots – Pommes Purée

* * *

Cheese – Quince – Morello Cherry – Chutney – Crackers

* * *

Lemon – Caramel – Cream – Olive Oil

* * *

Chocolate – “7” – Pineapple – Coconut – Malibu

* * *

Beetroot – Raspberry – Chocolate – Basil

* * *

1 course – £14.50 per person

2 courses – £20 per person

3 courses – £25 per person






 Lastly and always the most anticipated, was the final course of the evening – dessert.  If I had the choice to skip all courses and eat the sweetest thing on the menu, I would probably be tempted to do it. I literally love it that much. The chocolate, beetroot, basil and raspberry  dessert and its odd mix of flavours was definitely a winner and caught the eyes of everyone at the table and did it certainly pack a punch. The taste, so succulent but almost subtle in its own right, was thoroughly enjoyed with very little left on the plate. 

Undoubtedly the service was outstanding and all staff very knowledgeable. The wine list was decent although slightly pricey if you are looking for a superior bottle of the grape.

I would not be surprised at all if a Michelin star is rewarded in the near future and I can assure you it is certainly well deserved. 



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