Sensational Steak @ Hawksmoor, Air Street London

This well-known steakhouse has always been the talk of my office and a place where everyone loves to take their clients out for dinner. I was somewhat jealous of all this chitta chatta and dying to see what all the fuss was really about. 

My dear friend from Oz was over for a visit and I needed to take her somewhere impressive so what better place than Hawksmoor for a nice bit of steak and wine. 



My first impression of the restaurant was how big it was – very deceiving off the street. The decor was particularly ‘manly’ with dark wooden booths and deep green cushions spread evenly across the floor of the restaurant. Of course every table was full – mostly men in suits wining and dining some clients I assume. We ordered a bottle of the Rossa Braida Barbera – Merlot/Cab Sav 2009 to start the night with. After all, we had 8 months of catching up to do this wonderful Thursday evening.







I was extremely hungry and ready to embark on a feast – even if that meant having to be rolled out at the end of the night.  I knew a good balance with the steak would be to order some seafood first and seeing as I am a huge scallop fan, I went straight for the roasted scallop with white port and garlic followed by some Salmon tartare crisps which I was intrigued to find out what this was going to taste like.  

The verdict –

Scallops – to die for! Call me bias but these were a decent size and matched perfectly with the strong and pungent taste of the garlic. I seriously could have had this as a main meal.

The crisps were interesting. Not something I would order again but had some fairly good combinations of flavours going on. 






It had been a while since I had ordered a good quality steak from a restaurant so I asked to recommend the best size to go for without looking like a greedy guts.  He suggested the fillet 250g which once it came out with the extra sides, it was more than enough for me. To all the men out there, I think your safe bet would be to go for the 300 – 400g. For the sides we had some mouth watering sweet baked potato which was absolutely delicious, baby spinach with garlic (yes more garlic!) and Bone Marrow.  Now I wouldn’t have normally ordered this however I was strongly advised by a friend that you can not go to Hawksmoor without trying it. Rather fatty (96% so be warned), with a salty taste it did remind me of the fat off a lamb chop but with a mushy texture. The steak, well I don’t know if it’s the fact that I don’t eat it that often but my lord it was damn good. Cooked at medium rare (as all steaks should be cooked) so tender and succulent with a dash of béarnaise sauce to finish it off nicely. 





By this point I really couldn’t fit much more in but I knew I would regret finishing the evening without some dessert.  To my delight most of the items on the menu were influenced by my obsession at the moment – salted caramel. The waiter recommended we go for the Peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice-cream which we made the informed decision to share. Although extremely rich, I was not disappointed. Filled with a chocolate centre and a distinctive peanut taste it was moorish to say that least.  

Food orgasm as some would say!




Very impressed and satisfied about the dining experience this restaurant has to offer. The staff were friendly including our waiter who was patient enough with the photo taking responsibilities.  Its location, in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, its easy enough to get to and from the station and might I add the quick stroll to work off the food coma (which I dare say you will have after leaving this fantastic place).


It was so good that even Teddy had to try some for himself!!!



Happy eating,


Square Meal

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