Rollin, rollin, rollin.. to the Brixton Academy for Limp Bizkit.

I can remember back I was just 15 years old when I heard the Limp covering George Michaels ‘Faith’ on the radio and thinking, who are these dudes, im really digging their heavy metal, hip hop kind of sound. At the time I was going through those confused years of being a teenager and jumping from one genre of music to the other. I was heavily into RnB, as well as emerging rock/punk bands such as Linkin Park, Radio Head, Live, Green Day, No Doubt, Smashing Pumpkins and the Aussie legends Silverchair. When the Limp released Signifigant Other and their first single – Nookie I just couldnt get enough of this American NU metal band and by the looks of things, neither could anyone else.


Trying to be somewhat classy before the gig (not a chance!)



Followed by their 3rd album in October 2000 – Chocolate Starfish and the Hot Dog Flavoured Water which featured hits such as My Generation, Rollin and My Way were rocking on airways and the charts all over the globe. The Bizkit were ‘in’! 


I never got the opportunity to see them in New Zealand or Australia which was far too disappointing to even get into, until friends of mine travelling over to the UK recently mentioned they were planning to see them at the very iconic Brixton Academy and asked if I wanted to join.. ahh hello! They themselves are big fans of the Bizkit and after deciding within a few minutes I was already racing to the website to purchase my ticket for their August 27th gig. 


Its been quite some time since I went to a heavy metal concert and after seeing a zillion Dj’s playing in clubs it was rather a nice change of scenery to experience something different. I really dont mind the Brixton Academy. The floor itself is the biggest pull. If your not really a mosher like me then being able to see from the back row is a huge plus and at Brixton, full view of the stage from a far is certainly provided. 


The supporting act Mothers Cake were on as I arrived and although I have never heard of these guys before, it was, shall we say, a pleasant start to the evening?! Not sure if those are quite the words we will use but you get the drift. 



Limp bizkit arrived on stage about 9.30pm which was relieving considering the history of some rock stars. Im just not prepared to wait 2 hours for anyone, thats just pure madness and maybe my impatientance talking here.

Front man Fred Durst was welcomed by a roaring, energetic crowd and went straight into tracks like My Generation, Breakstuff, Liv’in it up and my absolute favourite of theirs – Re-arranged. I must of played this at least a thousand times over the years.. its never gets old! 


Their performance was just as epic as I had been told and exactly what I expected – loud, lots of swearing, hot, sweaty and loads of antics. The lights were spectacular so big ups to the lighting director on that one. Freddy has still got it on stage with those dance moves and at 45 years of age, he’s actually doing better than most people half his age. (Will note that he’s still wearing those signature caps).

Wes Borland is not a surprise still dressing in his obscene, crazy outfits and at the very end he managed to entertain some by flinging a few guitars around the back of the stage. Wouldn’t be the same without a few rockstar antics. 



All star performance from the Bizkit. I’d be more than happy to relive my youth for one more night and see these guys again!

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