Redemption Bar


Well not quite. You see this place is missing one obvious thing that a bar has. Yep, BOOZE. 



I was well excited to blog about this place, not only because it was the ideal time during my 30 days challenge but also because I love clean eating and discovering something quite unique.



They’ve only just opened their newest establishment in Holborn after the successful pop up in Hackney and Portobello and it’s not a wonder why really. I believe there is a huge market for these types of places, especially here in London and being the social ‘lets go to the pub every night’ kinda city it is. If I wasn’t doing dry January I would still come to a place like this simply because its nice to have a ‘night off’ and of course my obvious love for healthy food.



Redemption offer a number of vegan, gluten-free and raw dishes with some rather lovely looking mocktails plus the non-alcoholic beers if you really have the urge.



It’s rather small inside but the sizing never really bothers me when it comes to restaurants.  Being cosy and having that intimate feel about the place is an advantage but there are always far better things to worry about, like the food…!


To start with I just have to try a cocotini mocktail which consists of coconut water, lime, fresh blueberries and comes in a cutesy wutesy jar.  Two words – damn good.


We decide to share the meze plate which had a whole bunch of stuff going on including the assortment of pretty colours. Almond and walnut falafel style bites, served with cauliflower ‘cous-cous’, pea and mint humus, a crunchy sumac dressed salad with a drizzle of tahini sauce. Now that’s a mouthful 🙂


I wanted to try another dish (of course) and the Turkish imam bayildi looked rather appealing. Pretty much a stuffed aubergine finished off with a huge dab of delicious coconut yoghurt tzatziki. So much goodness in one dish – this is next level. 



My friend opted with the Maki rolls which is basically sushi but made with red quinoa with some interesting looking mushrooms popping out. Righto. 


I had my eye on the raw chocolate orange mousse which interestingly enough is very odd for me as I dont overly rate chocolate and orange together. However im always willing to try almost anything without making a quick judgement.

For a raw dessert, its absolute bliss… with over the top rich flavours. I kid you not, I couldn’t finish it. Made with raw cacao, avocado and coconut nectar I really struggled to eat it all. For once I was beaten by a dessert. Wahhhh! 



Ace little joint they have going on here and the best thing is you can walk out knowing you havent spent a weeks wages just on drinks. Win! Massive credit to the owner Catherine Salway on opening a place like this (finally) and educating people that its okay to eat healthier alternatives without being boring. I think im addicted 🙂 

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