Redemption Bar – A healthier approach to the way we eat


After only reviewing their short term pop-up over in Holborn at the start of the year and being super duper impressed with the quality of dishes on offer, I was very chuffed to be invited back in to their brand spanking new permanent location in trendy Notting Hill.


I had the chance to meet the bubbly head chef Andrea who is extremely passionate about healthy, nutritious food and eating well.  She also happens to be Kiwi which makes her awesome on every level. I also forgot to add that this restaurant is the first of its kind in London which makes it pretty special in my eyes.




Why so special you ask? Basically there is no alcohol at all. I can hear a few of you going ‘say what’?! Yep im totally being serious (which doesnt happen very often I can assure you). On top of that most dishes are either raw or vegan with no processed sugars used in their ingredients BUT this can hardly be a negative thing right? Don’t get me wrong, I am deeply fond of eating out and indulging on cheese, champagne and a few too many cocktails but its so refreshing to finally have the option of dining somewhere without having to worry about the whole ‘will I drink or will I not?’ 


Im absolutely delighted for these guys because I really feel London is in need of a few of these healthier alternative establishments for folks to check out. Could this be a change of things to come? I really hope do hope so!



As mentioned above, their menu is substantial with a mixture of colourful vegan/vegetarian and raw dishes. All I can say to you is that you’ll be drooling over the menu when you see it.   The mocktails are just as divine. I highly recommend the coco-rita which tastes exactly like a margarita. No one will know the difference if its boozy or not as it looks very similar to that of a cocktail.


The best thing about this place is when I walked out of the restaurant, I didn’t feel the slightest bit sick or bloated. I actually felt amazing! Even the next morning I noticed that I didn’t have my usual morning food cravings so it just goes to show the amount of crap we do put into our systems on a daily basis. Nasty! 


Now back to the evening itself.

As I had eaten here previously, I wanted to try a few of their new menu items thus including the Vietnamese & the zucchini pasta pesto (courgette to the English). This was shared between my friend Emma. She ordered the grilled aubergine and tahini which I will add that I had massive food envy after it was bought to the table. I opted with the green gazphacho which was packed with plenty of goodness. Something I was in desperate need of after Ibiza! 





For dessert it was one of those moments where you think – ive really saved the best for last (even though it would be weird to have the sweeter option first) ….but what about the size of those raspberries! My gawd. Emma had her eye on the dark chocolate tart, made with cocoa nibs, avocado, dates and coconut oil. Im telling you now, you will not be able to get this moorishly wicked pudding off your brain. Again I had slight food envy but the elderflower and gooseberry fowl was taking my fancy and with being something very different to what I have ever had before I had to of course, give that one a go. The verdict – oh mighty fine! 





Big ups to Catherine and her team for creating this unique eating space. Also to our wonderful waitress Alice who was most pleasant through out the duration of the evening.  Now that I have also viewed the brunch menu, I am one eager beaver to get back there and try this out. 


Location:       6 Chepstow Rd, London W2 5BH
Phone:          020 7313 9041
*this is a sponsored post*


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