Pharmacy2 – Food prescribed well!

Anything that involves an artist with an essentrical collection of artwork and includes working along side a reputable London chef, most certainly grabs my attention on any given day of the week! 

From that, I will introduce to you Pharmacy2. A creation by the talented Mr Hirst himself, is situated at his recently opened Newport Street Gallery in Lambeth and welcomes visitors to the exhibition during the day. Adding to that, a collaboration with leading London chef, Mark Hix whose role is to oversee the menu and you’ve got one hell of a partnership. 



My first impressions of this whacky pill-themed restaurant, was the close attention to detail and not knowing where to look first! 

Its colouful, crazy decor is covered wall to wall in well, pills…and more pills. This includes the wall paper, the bar stools and not to mention, the dinner plates and menus. After I had been seated and was waiting for my other guests to arrive, I couldn’t help but notice the rather large glass cabinet to my right, which was filled with all sorts of hospital paraphernalia. It was definitely worth a closer look just to see what weird and wonderful gadgets he had displayed in there, half of which I couldn’t tell you what they were! 



The menu serves up a wide selection of British and European classics which is heavily reflected on Hix and Hirst’s passion for quality and fresh ingredients. There is a wide range of smaller plates to share, so we decided that we would order a few of these so we got a good feel for the menu. 

To start with we went a little naughty with the pork crackling and brambly apple sauce – always goes down so satisfyingly well. 


The Glenarm Estate steak tartare with that goey centre egg yolk – I always have to remind myself what I am eating here but if its made to the highest of qualities (in this case thats a yes) then I can enjoy the beautiful flavours without any doubts going on in my mind. 


Next, I really wanted to have a go of the brik a l’oeuf de canard with rose harissa. I had no clue as to what this was and I was completely okay with that…..!


I will tell you this much – its a thin crispy pastry which resembles that of a pancake, is delicately folded in half, golden on the outside, filled with a creamy egg yolk centre (again) and paired well with the spiciness of the harrisa. Not bad Mr Hix, not bad. 

Food is a journey and dishes out of your comfort zone should always be tried once!

Lastly on the starters, we indulged on the cuttlefish croquettes with wild garlic mayonnaise. I very much enjoyed every mouthful of these (straight in the gob). Its wonderful crispy texture on the outside, dipped in the flavoursome mayo was again, something I hadn’t tried before and would be happy to going forward. 



Now onto the mains. Me being me and extra fussy when it comes to pasta, took a gamble and ordered the linguine with Portland crag and chilli. Perhaps it was the chilli that drew me to this dish (its easily done) or the fact that I do adore the combination of seafood and spaghetti. Either way, I was not left disappointed after discovering how fresh every ingredient in this dish was, even though I did go for the smaller sized option, it was just the right amount. 



Other mains tasted included the buttermilk chicken with Wye valley asparagus salad which also looked tantalising appealing and listed from a range of other asparagus dishes – not something I have seen on a menu before! 


Of course, regardless of how full we felt by the end of this feast, there was still room for a small dessert (which I swear was miniature in size!) And with my growing obsession of rhubard at the moment, I decided it was most appropriate to order the Yorkshire Rhu with saffron ice-cream. Who would have thought that these contrasting types of flavours would fit together so nicely. Like a glove as they say. 



With the evening drawing to an end, it was all about enjoying the last sips of a lightly hopped ‘HIX’ blonde beer, while taking in last glances around the pretend drugstore and being distracted by the etched glass windows depicting DNA strands….

So. Friggin. Amazing.  


Service – Excellent, attentive and our waitress was really friendly through-out the service.

Atmosphere – Certainly buzzing and not over the top loud. Enough to still enjoy small chit chat. 

Food – Very impressed. Don’t let the creativity of this place out shine the menu. It really is up to the standard I had hoped for from HIX.  

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