Oyster Masterclass event @ Wright Brothers with the Golden Network

Only a few days shy of Christmas and during a very heavy period of boozing and stuffing ones face (as you do), I got the opportunity to participate in a Oyster masterclass at top shellfish merchants – Wright Brothers in swanky South Kensington, which is another exclusive event I got to cover for the Golden Network.


I am not one to turn my nose up when it comes to the delicate saltwater clams, but I cant say the same for those who are not so fond of its salty slimy textures…. General comments and questions of concern such as, “Are these fresh enough to eat?” and “How do you know if you’ve had a bad one?” or “Are these really an aphrodisiac that they are notoriously known for?” (while having a quiet chuckle to yourself).



Whether they are good for the hormones or not, oysters have some positive healthy benefits and are high in zinc, iron, vitamins and extremely low in calories. So for all those on the January healthy bandwagon, this could be a fun event to keep in mind and without harming the body.

The masterclass was set in the downstairs bar below the restaurant and our host Jean-Michel who is also the General manager, was kind enough to talk us through how to correctly eat an oyster while trying out a selection that were raw and cooked, plus a couple of glasses of Touraine Sauvignon Blanc from Loire to wash them down with (yes, this is a white wine).



Robin Hancock who is the Restaurant Development Director of the company and also Ben Wright’s brother in law, was also present throughout the evening and happy to get involved with JM behind the bar.

It was also great to meet some new faces and I bought a friend along, Clara who was mega keen to participate. Even though I will point out that she somehow ended up at the Soho location first, then managed to make it to all the way over to SW1 and still on time for a 7pm start. Impressive!


Once everyone had arrived with a glass of bubbles in hand and the conversations flowing, we were gathered around the bar where JM introduced us to the world of oyster etiquette. I was all ears and eyes and hoping I wasn’t making a fool of myself trying to get the fork in place to slide the oyster into my mouth. The question is, are you a chewer or do you prefer to swallow in one go?

The following were tried and tasted:


Zeeland Dutch native oysters (Holland)

Carlingford Lough rock oysters (Ireland)

Jersey rock oysters (Jersey Island)

If I had to make a choice, my preference would sway towards the Dutch Oyster. A salty overload of wondrous textures and flavours of the ocean. I’d gladly polish off a dozen of these if I could!





We were also provided with some cooked oysters;

Rockefeller – made up of watercress, spinach, Pernod and parmesan then baked

New Orleans – egg that was washed then rolled in Japanese bread crumb and then deep fried

Both of these rocked my world. I just couldnt decide what was more superior as both were very different in terms of flavours. On this occasion, Im going to saw its a draw.



Sadly I had to scoot off earlier than usual to attend to some suitcase packing duties, but I have to say that I was very pleased to have a made it along because this is my first experience participating in a oyster masterclass and one I can say was thoroughly enjoyable.



Even if you’re a novice or never had the chance to digest a taste of the sea, I definitely recommend getting yourself along to an event such as this. There is no better way to try something new, then at a place that thrives on suppling some of the freshest oysters that I have ever had the pleasure of tasting (and I have had a lot in my time!). Wright Brothers will be announcing dates for 2016 very very soon, so in the meantime pop on over to their website for more information.




Thanks to Victoria and the Golden Network for another successful evening.

Already looking forward to the next one!


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  1. The experience sounds like such a treat, and didn’t have you deviate from your healthy January drive!!

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