OneNear – The Amazon for local services


Introducing OneNear – the fastest way on earth to launch a site and receive payments.

What is this all about you might be thinking? Lets just say that you needed to purchase a camera or book, you would probably go straight to Amazon or eBay right? If you were looking for a photographer or music teacher, where would you go?  Gumtree, Google or even Facebook?

OneNear is the first open marketplace for local services – their Shop Fronts look great which include free marketing, hosting, banking, iPhone application listing, and much much more. 


Whats in it for the buyer?  Well the fact that you can discover new local services and know that you are purchasing safely from rated people in your community is an upside. For example there are women crying out for home beauty – whether it be manicurists, hair styling or facials before weddings, hen parties, or a night out with the girls.  Cash rich, time poor woman who don’t have time to flap around on google doing numerous searches, would spend far more on beauty if it was more accessible.


And the seller? It is also not possible for beauticians to build ratings or exchange payments on classified sites due to trust issues. Setting up a website incurs a number of hosting charges and it can be difficult and very time-consuming to drive customers to their site. 

Some features OneNear provide include –

  • Launching a OneNear shop front and creating your listings is free. It takes about 15 minutes to set up
  • They help all sellers get setup (if they need it) and customise their shop
  • They’re registered with the UK Financial Regulator (FCA) so the trust is always there
  • Everyone gets listed in their iPhone app and customers can buy direct from within the app
  • With OneNear you get your own website, for free within a marketplace

OneNear Logo

CEO and Founder, Richard Foster, built OneNear with a small family team, some awesome developers, amazing mentors, industry experts – all whilst still consulting full-time. The inspiration came after his aunt (a qualified seamstress) altered some clothes, he thought “There must be millions of skilled people out there with no way to make money”.







How they differ from others

Buyer and seller registration is completely free;. Sellers must complete an internally developed anti-money laundering compliant vetting process, which only takes a few minutes to complete.

No external e-wallet accounts; making it simple, fast and safe.



Check out some examples of some of their shop fronts  –


Health and Beauty







Customisation for your shop front – choose from loads of different backgrounds and colours to suit your company/brand.






The escrow payment system that they use is rather unique.  A customer can release payments to a Personal Trainer as sessions are completed.  Cupcakes can also be bought on escrow too.  OneNear have negotiated direct relationships with banks and have an exciting product roadmap.

The payment process is very simple and easy to set up for your customers –

1.      There are no hosting, marketing, setup or monthly fees

2.      They take a 10% (exc. VAT) commission from completed transactions

3.      Payments are protected by escrow, meaning:

a.      You book the photographer and make payment

b.      We hold the money and the photographer knows you’ve made payment

c.      Only when you’re happy do you release it





For more information on this fantastic concept, you can contact Richard who is more than happy to assist with any questions or additional information you may require.

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