My Top 3 Brunch hangouts for Jan!



I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for a good hearty Brunch and even more so at the moment with trying to fill in the gaps of healthy activities and things to do at the weekends. I am indeed a big lover of breakfast or morning feedings anyway, they have always been a favourite time of the day for me to eat and as they say, its the best way to kick start that metabolism each day! 

London is endless for choice; we are particular spoilt in that department with plenty of variety and of course bottomless options for those who enjoy the prosecco. I, on the other hand was not drinking however I managed to come across a few delightful places worth mentioning with or without being dry as an option.  


Malibu Kitchen – CITY

Located in the outstandingly beautiful Ned hotel near Bank station, this grand building houses a number of fine restaurants, bars & cafes, even a roof top pool over the summer. Some of it is members only but luckily enough Malibu kitchen is not one of those so its open to the public 7 days a week. Their Californian menu is hardly shabby and features a very healthy menu of superfood salads, fish, smoothies and even shots of sprilena! My choice for this brunch was the Açaí bowl with granola, berries, banana and bee pollen while my friend opted with the turmeric pancakes. So so good and absolutely no hidden nasties in this lot!



Darcie & May – PADDINGTON

This place is just the cutest!! If you’ve never been to Little Venice before, then this is an absolute necessity. Situated in the Paddington Basin and only a short walk from the station, is a long barge boat coated with plenty of art deco brightness and brining plenty of flare to the area. It is split into two parts, one being the bar and the other the restaurant. They serve delicious Australian food for brunch, lunch and dinner and there is also a ‘roof terrace’ which I am assuming will be used to the extreme through-out the summer months of 2018. 

I went for the Shakshuku – a classic egg dish with intense chilli tomato flavours, house made labne, avocado and turkish bread for dipping. To pair with it I had with the red zinger juice and thats about all I could fit in because it was ridiculously filling (what we like to hear!)


Timmy Green – VICTORIA

Also under the Daisy Green collection, TG is new to Victoria in the ever so modern Nova building (which I am absolutely loving for restaurant choices). It was noticeably busy being a Sunday but with such high ceilings, the space and volume of noise is not an issue and I was still able to have a conversation without shouting (not a fan!) 

My choice for this brunch was the broccoli and corn fritters with avocado, poached egg and chilli pesto. I did order some bacon but then realised that i’m not actually eating red meat at the moment and had to leave most of it on the side of the plate (oops!) This dish is super filling and satisfying and I highly doubt you will feel like anything afterwards. I managed to squeeze in a green detox juice which was equally sensational. 



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  1. They all look lovely, especially love the look of Darcie & May

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