My holiday in the Ibiza party playground!

Generally when you tell people you are taking a vacation in Ibiza they either look at you with a smile and laugh or they squirm at you with outright jealousy. Im not going to deny that I love a good party, the madness of a rave and appreciate a balmy coastal lifestyle. As my second time visiting the vibrant island, I was pretty amped about this trip because my friend Mel (DJ Decimel) had secured a few gigs and at the last minute, I had a few friends from Australia who wanted to meet up while over on their European holiday.


For those who have yet to be acqainted with the white Isle, there are normally two sides to it. Not just for the clubbing and partying but its also well known for its spa and yoga retreats, over the top villas and stunning landscapes. If you’re fond of a sunset or sunrise then you’re in for a treat as well. The island has numerous spots for catching some of the most spectacular sights, in fact the best in the world I reckon.



Going in August, which is the peak of the summer and also the hottest, means it is swarming with people, so make sure you are as close to the beach or a pool as much as you possibly can be. With the sizzling humidity, it really is essential.

We caught an EasyJet flight out on the Friday evening form Gatwick Airport. You’ll find the times to fly in and out are slightly obscure, even with airlines such as BA. Im not sure if they do this on purpose but the airport is literally only a few km’s from the central part of Playa d’en bossa so very convenient if you happen to be staying around that part of town. I personally think this is the best part of the island to stay in and certainly as a ‘base’ if you are a club fanatic. All the big name clubs are a stones throw away and the beach scene is very popular providing loads of tunes to kick start the party. Ibiza Town which is only up the road, is quite upmarket (and close to Pasha).


We stayed in an apartment type block above Delano Beach club, which is adjacent to the well known party spot, Bora Bora Beach club. Equipped with an ample sized balcony providing us with some not so shabby views of the surrounds, it was only a few minutes walk to Ushuaia on the right and Jet apartments to the left. Being a small island, you don’t have to worry about transport, most things are reachable by foot unless you plan on travelling to San Antonio which requires a taxi.



The first night we arrived was a fairly late so we opted to stay in with a few beverages and soak in the energy. For me, I was glad to be looking at some dreamy ocean views after being teased after my Oz trip back in February. That and being able to wear a pair of shorts! I was also determined to wake early for the first sunrise of the day which was well worth it for the lack of sleep.  Anyway sleeping is cheating 🙂



The next day I wanted head straight to the sand and catch a few rays. A normal afternoon around here would be a packed beach with people looking slightly worse for wear, a lot of naked bodies, girls in bikinis strutting along with their megaphones and with head turning outfits (usually promo for the club nights) and some seriously loud beats. We were lucky enough to have some wicked tunage supplied by Delano with even a few patrons getting up and dancing on some furniture. You see in Ibiza, its ‘anything goes ‘which may be quite an eye opener for some but for me this place is all about letting go and enjoying the moment, crazy or not it has to be done!




Over the course of the next few days you can pretty much imagine there were some late nights tearing up the dance floor or as some would say, raving until the break of dawn. Spain is profoundly known for its partying so this pretty much means that nothing gets going until  at least after midnight.

The only negative thing I could say about Ibiza is the cost. Bring cash and plenty of it. To get into a club like Space, Sankeys, DC10 or Pasha you are looking at around 40 to 50 euros and then drink prices are enough to make you weep. Sometimes you will find people on the streets giving out wristbands with cheaper prices. This does not necessarily mean you will getting a good deal, so be very wary of that.

For Amnesia I went for the VIP Terrace option and purchased online. Or you can find local people like Luigi who are selling tickets and not ripping people off. Another smart idea is to always pre drink in your hotel/apartment before you head out. There are little convenience stores dotted around selling beer, wine and spirits so you shouldn’t have any issues finding one and this will save you hundreds. Trust me.


If I had to say what the highlight of my trip was I would probably say Formentera. I missed out on going to this magical island the first time around so I was determined to get there this time! You can catch the Ulises Cat which is about 15 minutes walk from Bora Bora beach club and really easy to spot. It will take about 40-45 minutes to get there and if the seas aren’t too choppy you should be in for a nice ride. When you get to the island you will need to hire a bike or moped if you want to go swimming as this is a good 40 minutes of walking and know one wants to endure that in 30-40 degree temps. No thanks.





We didnt have the foggiest clue where we were going once on our bikes but the beauty about getting lost on a small island is that you cant go too far and besides, thats what makes its a hell of a lot more fun! We managed to stumble across a hidden gem off the beaten track called El Tiburon. Undeniably providing some of the best views of the pretty turquoise waters and white sandy beaches that the island is known for, we were exceptionally lucky to get a table because it was full booked with reservations. (good sign of a decent restaurant) Ibiza is highly regarded for their fresh seafood and sushi so go nuts if you enjoy this type of cuisine as you wont find much better in this part of the world.




I was feeling like an overload of carbs as I knew it was going to be a rather long night ahead and wouldn’t have time to be eating before heading out. My attention was drawn to the tagliatelle pasta on the menu. With fresh succulent prawns, semi sun dried tomatoes, it was incredibly delicious and paired nicely with a couple of glasses of Julie & Navines white vino (cheers Indy for the modelling). It was in fact, one of the best meals I had the pleasure of eating on this entire trip – absolutely sublime. 






After a small food coma moment we made our way down to the pristine, crystal clear waters for a long dip and a session of sun baking. However it didnt end there. On our tipsy trek back to the port we stumbled across another colourful beach bar for some obligatory sangria. White to be precise. Cant recall a time that ive ever had this before, its always been a red but this I much prefer, especially when it comes with a bundle of the longest straws you have ever seen!








As I mentioned earlier my friend Mel had a couple of gigs secured – one being at Tropi trance bar in San Antonio. This is known as the West End and takes about half an hour by taxi to get there. If im honest this part of the island doesnt really do it for me but Mel’s set was so impressive I completely forgot about where I was (or perhaps that was a few too many vodka’s) After we headed to one of the oldest and well known clubs on the island – Amnesia. The place is totally off the hook, bagging some of the best DJ’s in the world, I was fortunate enough to be in the same presence as Paul van Dyk, Eric Prydz and Jordan Suckley that evening for Cream night and let me tell you this club is on steroids, its humungous!! I cant even count on my hand the amount of times I got lost in there but that is a whole different story which shouldn’t be told 🙂

After nursing a severe hangover on the beach all day, I was almost unable to make it to Eden that night but with the legend Judge Jules playing behind the decks in the main room it would be really rude of me to miss out on this one. My friend and our photography for the trip Jon Self, managed to worm his way into the DJ box and take pictures of the man who was I was a huge fan of back in the day (and clearly still am!).

Im still envious of you Mr Self!




Being the foodie that I am, I was gagging to try out a few more restaurants and what more of a perfect place then Ushuaia beach club (yes its not all about the music when you’re are here!). The hotel itself is famously known for some of the best club nights and pulling top international DJ’s. ANTs being one of the club nights on the Saturday was a favourite of mine. Purely because this is my type of dance music.

I had a friend staying at the Tower which is the other part of the hotel, next door. You know, the one with all the flowers running up the walls of the exterior. You can find a decent sized pool filled with bright colours and flamingoes, a bar and roof terrace serving quality cocktails and parts of the hotel decorated with ‘ants’ which I found bizarre but also ultra creative.







The Beach club my friends, is fantastic. Filled with the beautiful people, (no doubt the people that are staying there) not only do you have those ‘views’ of the water, a resident DJ perched above the patrons and mouth watering food but if you happen to be there of an evening you will be able to hear the sets being played from the club area. Music and food? Perfect combo right. Be warned though, you may want to get up midway of your meal and have a little boogie while finishing that last bite. Hey, if you cant do it here then when can you?!



First time around I was dying to dig into their sushi and mark my word, it did not disappoint one bit. They also have a Japanese restaurant called Minami which I was really hoping to try out but sadly just ran out of time. I know…..ME who worships any kind of Japanese on a daily basis…..this is just outrageous! 😉










As my experience here for lunch was so on point I had to get a few of the crew back here for round two. Dinner consisted of:

The fanciest tuna tartare that existed

Fluffy raffoli pasta with truffle cheese (and lots of it!)

The most enourmous king prawns

Crusted sea bass with herb roasted vegetables which I had major food envy over. Have you seen this size of this dish?!

A selection of sorbets

A shot of  Hierbas ibicencas (thank you Luigi!) which is a traditional Spanish digestif








While I was out on the island, I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Raver of the year – Alex van Naher, Nick ‘the Kid’ Coles and DJ Decimel at the Tropicana Beach club. Even on holiday I seem to be working but since deciding to incorporate more of the music side of things, I wanted to make sure I had made the most of any opportunities while I was here.

The secluded beach bar and restaurant is located only metres from Blue Marlin (which has now become quite the household name and known for its glitzy glam crowds and the hefty drink pries that go with it). Tropicana was slightly more low key which was nice to have some time out from the madness.




Later on into the evening we popped into @ night bar where Mel was gigging at and since it was one of the last nights out on the town I wanted to go all out in true Steph style. Sankey’s is a nightclub franchise with clubs in Manchester and New York City and which also happens to be a favourite of mine. That evening they had Steve Lawler and Hot Since 82 playing so this was already ‘in the bag’ decision wise. Whether I was coming with the troops or a lone ranger, I was not going to say no to a gig like this.


The last time I was in Sankeys I had the rare chance of seeing Solomon live. These guys blew it out of the park and especially in a venue like this where it can get horribly overcrowded and hot; to be able to take your mind of the uncomfortable surroundings is absolutely superb.

Again a sweat box but for me its all about minimal and tech house music, so I wouldn’t care if I was dancing on a rubbish bin in the sahara desert. If the quality of the music is there, nothing else should matter 😉








I may be biased about my opinion of Ibiza and go on about how much I adore it but all in all this holiday truly was a blast. The reality is, you barely sleep, you party hard at night and bask in the sun during the day. Its nonstop craziness which can be exhausting but you learn to appreciate some of the best music and dance clubs on the globe today.



With the season coming to an end, I am already planning for 2016 and this time around I will make a point of spending more of it exploring the wondrous sights of the island. I would love to capture the sunset at Es Vedra, do some water sports, hire a boat and maybe treat myself to one night at the opulent Hotel Hacienda. It would also be a dream to check out Sublimotional, which is located in the Hard Rock Cafe and one of the most expensive restaurants in the world to dine at. Slightly over the top but we all deserve some luxury from time to time!


*Photo credit to Jon Self Photography

*Tanned up by Bella Bronze Tan

*Special thanks to Alex, Nick, Melissa & Luigi 


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  1. Alex van Naher says:

    Just reading this brings back so many beautiful memories of Ibiza 2015, the buzz, the excitement, the emotions – finding that extra energy to go to meet your friends, party all day, party all night – not give a damn about sleep and to appreciate the beauty of island life and craziness of Ibiza, even if it’s only for a week. It was a pleasure to be part of your journey! Until Ibiza 2016 – Hoooo Roooo! 😉

  2. Thanks very nice blog!

  3. you have a great blog here! would you like to make some invite posts on my blog?

  4. I absolutely love your photos! You’re such a babe. Looks like you had a brilliant holiday, but I don’t even wanna think about the hangovers 😉

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