Macellaio RC – bringing the finest of steaks to SW7

When I was asked if I wanted to review this quality Italian steakhouse and butchery on Old Brompton Road, it was hard to hold me back from typing the reply so speedily with a big fat YES PLEASE.

Although I hardly find myself eating a lot of red meat these days, I am still a little fussy when it comes to certain cuts and I will always appreciate a mean looking steak when I see one.


Macelliao – located in swanky South Kensington and only an arms length from the station is absolute must to visit if you adore your steak…..

For me, the first sign of a decent steak restaurant is when they bring you that raw, almost intimidating piece of clean-cut steak on a wooden meat board. Some may find this on the gross side but I believe its just as important to check out what you’re eating before its served, almost being courteous if you get what I mean here. 



And not to make it too obvious that its a butchery, but when you walk in through the door, there are a noticeable amount of large bits of meat just casually hanging in the window side by side… oh and a hot red leather couch. Which of course you will need to sit and pose for at least one pic at some point of the evening….


It’s not very often, you walk into a restaurant and see silver spoons being used as coat hooks, meat cleavers on the restroom doors and newspapers as menus! Did I tell you how much I dig this place? Almost as much as watching the waitstaff come over to your table and digging a rather large steak knife into it.

Standard procedure I’m told. 



And what about the wine? Well that’s just as precise as the meat and so you can imagine, a very extensive list to choose from. Luckily we had knowledgeable waiters who can pick for you, and that for me means I can sit back and enjoy the starters without getting in a pickle over which glass I would like to sample first. 

It really is a hard life. 


So starting with a couple of dishes that were highly recommended to us were (in order by preference)


Steak tartare. Who honestly hasn’t given this one ago? If you haven’t, I cant possibly tell you what you are missing out on and this my friends was totally unmissable. Made with good old capers, onions, tabasco, pepper, brandy, mustard and gherkins etc etc BANG ON BABY! 


The Fegato – in other words, Fassona liver with butter, sage, roasted onion puree was blissfully tender, juicy and paired well with the crusty pieces of bread. 


The lamb roast was the last of the starter items and this was stuff with sweet peppers, in a pool of bagna cauda foam. I wasn’t as fussed on this dish but never the less it was still nice to try it. 


Going back to the wines, I had a lighter and slightly fruitier red by Elena Walch – Kalterersee. In all fairness it was matched well with the flavours of the food. 


Next came out the monstrous serving of Fiorentina del Macellaio. This is the T-bone steak I was speaking about earlier, which is aged around 25 days, cooked with rock salt and served on the bone. Nothing flashy to look at but I tell you, it was an absolute ripper! We had asked for it to be cooked medium to raw which is preferable for the right amount of tenderness and gorgeous flavours.

Adding to this we had a bowl of mixed salad and broccoli steams with fresh chilli. 



The wine that was drunken on this glorious course was called Donnas – Vallee d’aoste 2013. This was definitely a more full bodied wine and again, between the two was a very harmonious relationship. 🙂 



Onto dessert and don’t you just love it when they order for you and don’t tell you until just before they arrive to your table?! I mean, whose to know better then the people that work there? Some may think this is a little too much but for me I think its genius and it shows how much the staff know about their products. Plus it makes it so much more interesting. Don’t you think?


Firstly we had the Bianco al basilico, croccante al caramello. The best way to describe this would be the shape of a panacotta but far better in taste, very milky and soft with a crisp burnt caramel around the outside. What makes it just that little bit unusual, is the basil on top. Sounds odd but I’m not even kidding, this actually worked in terms of the combination of flavours. 


And last but not least the Latte dolce fritto. Its almost like eating a donut with a thick creamy based centre….and to top it all off there was even a few of them filled with warm, rich chocolate nutella. I think I could have put away a good handful of those bad boys. Easily.

One word -Bellissima! 


The evening was finished off with a comforting pot of fresh mint tea, while trying to work out how much meat I had just eaten in one sitting. Hey, it has to be done! 





Macellaio is an absolute delight. A special place, with a buzzing vibe, ballsy, straight up service with some of the best red meat I have had the pleasure of tasting. A big thanks to the team and Roberto for making my night an unforgettable one and of course, my foodie partner in crime, Brucine from Citylicious. 

Address:   84 Old Brompton Rd, London SW7 3LQ
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  1. If I ate meat I’ be there in a flash! If not, just for the pudding! Oh my gosh sounds delish!! especially with that basil! 🙂

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