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Say hello to M restaurant. Actually not just a restaurant. This super cool new hotspot boasts a number of different features which makes it a standout from the rest. 


Theres a cocktail bar with DJ, a wine tasting room, a secret den, four private dining & event spaces and some pretty smiley staff members floating around the place. The venue itself is well, on the larger size, quite swanky if you ask me. A staircase leads you to the bar where you can sip on your favourite poison, while getting stuck into some very moorish popcorn.



There are two sides to the restaurant. One is Raw and one is Grill. The concept is about smaller dishes which are fast and most importantly, fresh. As I was keeping with the healthy theme this month, I couldn’t think of a more better place to try out which didn’t leave me feeling guilty by the end of it. Raw it is. 


Starting off with some very light rice crackers, dusted with some lemon grass salt and burnt aubergine dip, I was ready to get stuck into some of these mouth watering dishes as I perused through the menu. Trout is my number one fish at the moment so the sashimi just had to be done. It would just be rude not to. Another thing I am obsessed with at the moment is beetroot. Cant get enough of this delightful vegetable. That with some goats cheese and balsamic just sounded far too heavenly to pass up on. Me and my friend Emma decided it would be most appropriate to also order the ‘Argentine’ beef tartare. Up there with Australia, Argentina undoubtably has the best steak in the world. Ready to tuck in! 




The Sashimi was exactly how I thought it was going to be. Similiar tasting to that of Sammy the salmon (sorry had to throw that one in there) perfectly fresh with a dipping of the trusty soy sauce and a kick of wasabi. The beets and the creamy goats cheese were electrifyingly good – is that even a word?! These two elements pair so well together, especially in a salad. Stop it….. 🙂

Now I know a few of you are not a big fan of the steak tartare. It probably took me at least a good 2-3 times before I started to really acquire the taste for it, BUT NOW. Look at me go.  The presentation of this dish was most creative with a 62′ hen egg smack bang in the middle of a rather beautiful stone plate. Including some spicy sauces we both had a giggle trying to combine it all together. Before I forget to add, Emma ordered the ALBACORE TUNA YAKITORI aka the forbidden hot pot but im not sure I want to give to much away here apart from what you can see in the pictures….




The white chocolate and lavender soup was the final meal for the evening and normally I would not find myself eating a soup for the last course, however in this case it was definitely a dessert and a very unusual one at that. I was rather pleased when a tray of pink finger lamingtons arrived next to a decorated bowl of brightly coloured flowers. The Aussie cakes, I mean Lamingtons had a gorgeous hint of rose water making them slightly on the sweeter side but no where near as rich as the white chocolate soup. Decadent! I was kind of glad we ended up sharing this in the end. Even though I could have finished it on my own I am learning to not be such a little piglet these days. 


Just loving these Aussie influences. Nice one chef!




I want to say a huge thank you to Andre the General Manager for making us feel so welcome for the entire evening and also taking the time to show us around, including the secret den and a few glasses of champagne. Also our waitress who was also Australian and so friendly I could have just squeezed her!


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Oh and I almost forgot to mention the Japanese toilets! Need I say more? You will just have to pay a visit to find out what all the fuss is really about. Speaking of fuss, I hear their Kobe beef is quite something and I will certainly be back again to try this out.  


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