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Not so long ago I was lucky enough to be invited into this brilliant Parsons Green restaurant to try their attractive dinner menu and not only was I blown away by everything they had on the menu but also the warm welcome by the entire staff working that evening.



I am a mad Japanese cuisine fan as most of you have heard me say a zillion times over and when Pat told me about their new weekend Brunch menu they had just finishing creating, I was totally up for trying it out. 

So…. who doesn’t love a Sunday brunch? Or breakfast for those who are more traditional. Whatever you want to call it, Sunday mornings were designed for these kind of activities plus any excuse to catch up with all your lovers is always an absolute must on the weekend, hungover or not. 



I cant say ive ever experienced ‘Japanese’ brunch before. Surely it cant be that different to the eggs bennie or bacon egg buddie right? WRONG. The set menu we were given consisted of a number of intricate dishes, which were all laid out on the table one by one, in beautifully designed bowls saying ‘Eat me’. 



Before the food soiree began, we were treated to the best Chill vodka martinis going around. I swear to you, you will not find any better than of these babies.

Now I know what you’re probably thinking right now, martinis for brunch? No no no of course not. As if I would start drinking that early in the morning. Just to throw you off track a little, the menu isn’t offered until midday and finishes at a very generous hour of 3pm. So technically that is lunchtime and technically I am allowed to consume an alcoholic beverage. So there. 



Following on from this we just had to order some sake. It wouldn’t be right to have Japanese without some cool, refreshing rice wine. Eljohn, our delightful waiter recommended we go for the fruity flavours to begin with, which in turn doesn’t smack you in the face too much. Oh yeah. 



As you can see from the menu there was everything from mushrooms, tofu seaweed salad, green beens, roast pork miso soup and the absolute winner, grilled salmon marinated in miso for two whole days. I cant even begin to describe how gorgeous this tasted. A slight crisp on the outside and simply falling apart as you tuck into it. 







You’ll also get a decent size bowl of sticky rice to go with it and its only going to cost you £22.50. Bargain! 







Now no meal, regardless of the time of day, is done without something sweet to finish. The Sakura & Sake Chocolate Truffles are fantastic and highly recommended. True story. I really don’t want to spoil it but if you do happen to order this blissfully off the chart dessert then I recommend you do share it with one other. Sometimes we just have to keep things on the minimal side which means theres always room for that extra cocktail or three…




Speaking of which. We did end ordering the ever so popular, Espresso martini. They do have a remarkably good cocktail menu which you could easily get carried away with. FACT. 


Moving onto the business part of the brunch was the opportunity to try some more Sake. How about a flight.

Seriously it does not take much to twist my arm. 



Ura Gasanryo Koka: better known as a fragrant flower, very fresh, easy on the palate and ideal for  the amateur sake drinker.


Kimoto Junmai: Silky smooth texture, probably not my favourite of the bunch but soft enough to enjoy.

Shirakawago Sasanigori: The cloudy one as I like to refer too. Very light, milky white in colour with a hint of the sweet rice. Nice!



I just love everything about this restaurant. The staff are all so wonderful I almost feel like I am at home. The lighting is well positioned throughout and the admirable garden offers a tranquil, peaceful setting. The huge bonus is that it is very close to home which means I can get my cardio on with a lovely little stroll or for those who aren’t as fortunate, the tube station is only a 5 minute walk away so no excuse really. 

If you want to take a stab at something totally different to your usual weekend menu then the Koji brunch is not one to miss! 


You can click away to find out more

58 New Kings Road · Parsons Green · London SW6 4LS




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