January detox lunch @ Redemption

One fine Sunday I found myself back again at my favourite healthy restaurant in the depths of charming Notting Hill, enjoying some tantalising dishes while chatting with the founder of the business, Catherine Salway.

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My first thoughts of Catherine were how pleasant natured and friendly she came across. She went on to explain to me that she had previously worked for Virgin for 17 years and after meeting Andrea Waters (an experienced vegan, raw chef and a specialist in nutrition) decided to partner up with her and create an eating space where you can still ‘spoil yourself without spoiling yourself’.

One thing to know about this place is its unique point of difference.

There is no alcohol served on the premises.

(Yes you are reading this correctly)

However this shouldn’t be classed as a bad thing at all. In fact I praise Catherine for coming up with such a genius concept. Why should something like this stop anyone from being able to enjoy a night out of super scrumptious food, non-alcoholic alternatives and raw desserts that are just as good (if not better) than the usual decadence we like to get our lips around.


As I arrived I notices that the restaurant was rammed and buzzing and as you can guess being one of their busier months, (weekends in particular) they have seen people by the droves paying a visit to check out the first non-alcoholic restaurant that the capital has to offer. Excitingly enough, they have also opened over East in Shoreditch which Catherine visions will lead onto expanding globally, even as far as down under, which I know will be a huge hit.

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Now onto the food! 

I hadn’t had the opportunity to try out their day time menu and if you remember back in August last year when they first opened the Notting Hill location, I did a blog post which you can also read by clicking here 



Catherine was kind enough to order a number of dishes she recommended of the menu including some delicious beverages called the ‘Beet-o-tini’ and ‘Green is the new black‘. As we all know, I am a huge lover of a juice or green smoothie so without being sounding really biased here, lets just say they went down a treat as expected. 

The Californication and cashew crusted pumpkin were the first dishes to arrive at the table. The Californication was a hot dish of roasted sweet potato, rosemary hash with mushrooms and spinach. A hearty, light dish with a decent amount to fill the gap for any hungry, Sunday brunch advocate. 



I was super excited to see pumpkin being on the menu for a change; Not butternut squash! Although both are meant to be the same thing depending on where you grew up, it does make me somewhat pleased to see them being used wisely, rather than being carved up on Halloween night. #just saying 


This sweet nutty vegetable was drizzled in a horseradish, avocado, lemon dressing and covered in a wall of crusted cashews which actually worked very well; something I have never tried before but this is the beauty of giving new things a go. It’s all about being adventurous when it comes to the art of beautiful food! 


Catherine tells me her favourite dish at the moment is the kelp noodle and lemongrass laksa which happens to be new item on the menu. This a soothing brooth of shitake mushrooms, chilli, ginger and coconut water – all the worthy ingredients packed into one nourishing bowl of goodness. I am a virgin to kelp noodles and was really surprised when she told me they were made from edible seaweed. The largest consumer of kelp is indulged by the Japanese, who have incorporated kelp and seaweed in their diets for over 1,500 years! No wonder their skin looks so damn youthful…. I seriously need to take this onboard. 


Lastly, I had the beetroot linguine enriched with kale and almond pesto placed in front of my eyes and this colourful combination consisted of a beetroot (obviously) tossed with antioxidant rich pesto, Brazil wild rocket and lemon flaxseed oil. Gosh I actually felt healthy just looking at it!

This is also a raw dish which in basic terms means that it is not cooked or heated above 42 degrees centigrade. 



For the sweet treats (because we deserve it) I was recommended the chocolate, banana and cashew chia pudding and the lemon and blueberry cheesecake. I will also mention that these are raw desserts and completely amazing in flavours as well as creativity. Its hard to believe that something which has no nasty ingredients, actually tastes so bloody good! 

Bliss balls

There are a number of other dazzling desserts that are worthy of trying on the menu such as these bliss balls, so im guessing that I will need to return again very soon to give them a whirl 🙂




About three and a half hours later we concluded the smorgasbord at 5.30pm, finishing off with a Redemption detox tea, filled with nettles, cleavers and marigold. I was feeling rather content and probably a little optimistic about heading to do some strenuous exercise straight after. Although I probably shouldn’t be beating myself up about this anyway. Not after nourishing my body with some mega healthy super foods, which im pretty sure my body will be thanking me for later!

If you’d like to know a little more about Redemption why not check out their website –




Redemption, 6 Chepstow Road,
London W2 5BH
020 7313 9041

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 12pm – 11pm
Saturday 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm


Redemption, 320 Old Street
London EC1V 9DR
020 7613 0720

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 12pm – 11pm
Saturday 10am – 11pm
Sunday 10am – 5pm

*this is a sponsored post and all views are my own*

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