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Moving to Melbourne has been something I have visualised for the last couple of years and towards the end of my time in London, I had already written a brief list of restaurants of bars that I needed to make a point of visiting (and which I’m sure is going to grow at an alarmingly fast rate over the next 6 months!)

One of the things I always love to ask when I’m new to a city, is for honest recommendations from the locals. There is nothing more exciting, than being able to explore, going on new adventures and experiencing the ‘unknown’.


I had a bit of time up my sleeve before getting back into employment life again, so I wanted to take full advantage of my free availability by checking out a couple of hot spots. I’ve always quite liked St Kilda, perhaps because it is so close to the coastline, with a long stretch of beach esplanade, thriving nightlife and undoubtably, some pretty famous landmarks. I had decided on some Japanese cuisine At Ichi Ni and of course being my absolute favourite thing to eat, I’ll try not to be overly biased while writing about the food (promise!)

The restaurant itself is of a fairly decent size, which appears to be divided into 3 sections, with two areas at the front floored with decking and wooden bi-fold doors sprawling into an outdoor patio area (perfect for the summer months I’m guessing!). Interior wise, bright colours of red, green and traditional Japanese flair have been used. There is also seating in front of the chefs, so if you like watching whats been made for you, the selections are endless for your perching selection. 

Starting off with a refreshingly cold 300 ml bottle of Sake – just an absolute no brainer and If you know me well enough, you’ll know that Japanese and Sake go hand in hand. Like cheese and red wine (you know the score).

Food wise, I opted for the tuna tataki which I’m a little obsessed with… mostly raw tuna which seems to be slightly difficult to find over this side of the world? Tataki is always seared, meaning barely cooked, raw on the inside and sometimes coated in sesame seeds. This one was lightly drizzled in soy, yuzu and shallot dressing which you can never go wrong with.

We all know you cant go out and have Japanese without digging into some crispy, golden tempera and since I’m swaying towards being a pescatarian these days, I’m all about the fish and the veggies so the sweet potato option was next up and something that I also cant get enough of. It doesn’t matter which way you cook it, the flavours never left you down.

Nigiri – probably the most likeable style of sushi in my book. Thinly sliced bits of mouth watering, raw fish on a bed of rice, dipped in wasabi drenched soy sauce is just mind blowing to say the least. I always go with the salmon which can get boring but its okay to play safe as long as your mixing it up a little and up for trying something new – its fun!

The scallop was sensational, presentation on point and extremely fresh which is the most important thing when your eating anything raw like that.. I’m super fussy when it comes to food being prepared and I’ve only managed to fall ill once from oysters in Montenegro, but lets not get into that now 😉

I finished off with some good old maki salmon, avocado which hit the spot nicely, leaving absolutely no room for dessert to my utter disappointment (joking, I really didn’t need it) 

A thoroughly lovely afternoon lunch with delightful bay views, exceptional eats, reasonable prices and immaculate service.


Ichi Ni 

2 The Esplanade, St Kilda VIC 3182

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  1. Michael McEneany says:

    Great review

  2. The food sounds and looks delicious!

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