Interview with Raver of the Year, DJ Nick the Kid & Decimel (part 3)


DJ Nick ‘the Kid’ Coles  

Trance & Progressive DJ & Producer

1. Who is Nick the Kid and tell me about yourself?

To keep it brief, I was born in Devon, I’m now 34 years old and have spent the last 15 years working within many areas of the industry. In that time I’ve worked extensively in club promotion UK, Ibiza & Australia, Label Management / Music Reviewer (Trackitdown) and of course as a producer & DJ for the last 15 years. 

2. Loving the alias name, how did you come up with it?

I’ve been DJ’ing since I was 14, so I was fairly young when I started out hence why Nick The Kid seemed appropriate at the time and stuck. My friends chose the name for me around the time of my first over 18’s club gig when a promoter was putting pressure on me to ‘have a stage name’ due to the fact I still looked like a member of Hanson when I was 16. They voted on it and it’s been with me ever since having to answer this question now I’m in my 30’s! 




3. Why did you choose to be a DJ?

I’ve been DJ’ing & promoting for over 20 years now with my first foray into DJ’ing playing under 18 hardcore events when I was 14. I’m just a massive music lover, I had piano & guitar lessons growing up and when I first heard The Prodigy Experience when at school and tapes from the likes of Carl Cox, Easygroove and Sasha, Rave music was just something I had to pursue. The music, the parties, lifestyle and of course the 1210’s quickly filled all my spare time. It was a very different game back then. DJ’s had true unadulterated passion for wanting to be a DJ, travelling miles collecting vinyl, carrying heavy boxes across fields at 4am. I’m not saying that this passion doesn’t exist today but now anyone with an internet connection and a pair of headphones can call them self a DJ, which I feel took away a lot of the magic and has diluted the actual term DJ to some extent. The appeal has never wavered for me though, nothing beats standing in front of a decent crowd whether small or large and having fun behind the decks with your favourite music. Cause that’s what it’s all about right?

4. When was your first time in Ibiza and tell me about your experience?

I first came to Ibiza in 2003 purely for a holiday.  We certainly went in at the deep end; hiring a plush villa for the 4 of us and spending around £3k each in a week. We went to places like DC10, Coccoon, Pacha, KM5 and We Love at Space. It was all so new to me, it blew my mind and although we had an amazing week, DJ’ing here just seemed such an unrealistic & unobtainable goal at the time. Years later in 2007 I returned under Radical Escapes to work on the legendary Ibizan Heat week and with a lot of thanks to Kirk Field over the last 8 years or so I’ve been lucky enough to have played at many of the best nights out here ever since such as Cream @ Amnesia,  A State Of Trance @ Privilege, Judgement Sundays @ Eden, Carl Cox’s Closing Party @ Space, The Zoo, Es Paradis, Captured Festival, Connect @ Privilege and many more! It’s been one hell of a journey leading to me actually residing in Ibiza for the last two seasons working on Judgement Fridays @ Eden and also being on location for my day job with download / media store I still also help out with Radical Escapes week’s each year which now boast some of the best targeted and value for money clubbing trips to Ibiza. Ibiza JetSet (House – June), XStatic Ibiza (Hard Dance – Sept) and our very own trance week of course Ibiza Trance Event – Sept (Formerly Island Of Trance). It’s amazing to have become so involved with the Island. I love it here. 


5. Best club in Ibiza and why?

Without question Amnesia was and still is the original and best Ibiza club in my eyes. I would give me right arm to have been around at those early parties with Alfredo in the late 80’s, you really can feel the heritage, character and history oozing from the place. You could spend millions upon millions creating a state of the art (and often clinical) super club to serve a purpose but for me you just can’t recreate the magic of Amnesia! It still has that authentic rave feel to it’s nights which I absolutely love! 

6. Other DJ’s you rate and influences?

There are just too many to mention and different horses for different courses. I love all music but big ones I’d say that switched me on to underground rave music in the 90’s were Sasha (Piano house days), Carl Cox (Fact 1 & 2), Judge Jules (Radio 1), Paul Oakenfold (Perfecto Fluoro the album secured my love for trance in 97) and  Mark EG for showing every DJ on the planet how a DJ performance should and could be delivered! 



7. Up and coming gigs?

This summer has been literally amazing, I’ve been lucky enough to play most weeks in the main room at Judgement @ Eden, as well as main room gigs Connect Privilege and Cream Amnesia amongst others. Moving into the Autumn I’m looking forward to playing at Godskitchen arena located at Westfest in Shepton Mallet nr Bath (31st Oct), Headlining the Trancecoda after party in Birmingham (7th/8th Nov), I’m back at the Gallery/Ministry Of Sound on the 20th Nov and then a small Xmas bash with friends closer to home in Minehead, HouseNation (18th Dec). I am also trying to secure a venue this autumn to celebrate 15 years of my event Hindsight – so keep an eye out for that! 

8. Whats the best gig you’ve played at?

Wow, tough question, there was one year (I think 2012) where I got to play the closing sets at both Judgement @ Eden and also Cream @ Amnesia all within a few days. Both gigs were absolutely insane that week and I’m not actually sure how many DJ’s have ever had the opportunity to do both within such a short timeframe. Hard Kandy in Melbourne is also a firm favourite of mine every Xmas – such a great crowd out there! 



9. How do you see the trance scene 5 years from now?

Coming from the heyday of trance in the late 90’s it’s amazing to see the scene really thriving again and not just here in the UK, it really has become such a Global industry nowadays which wasn’t always the case. Like with all movements there has been popularity peaks & troughs of course but I think trance & progressive music worldwide is probably now at it’s strongest point it has been for years. It would however be great to see a few more younger fans switching on to the music as these most certainly hold the key to the future. 


Id personally like to thank all three for participating in this blog post and a huge thanks to the awesomely talented Jon Self for his photography! 

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