Interview with Raver of the Year, DJ Nick the Kid & Decimel (part 2)

DJ Melissa ‘Decimel’ Grant 

Trance DJ/Producer

1. What are your thoughts on the Trance scene out here in Ibiza?

There is a real community and family like feel in Ibiza. The network of djs, artists and fans genuinely feels like home.

Add great music to the sunshine and what seem to be never ending days, it’s a formula for happiness and I feel pretty damn happy!!

2. This is your first time to Ibiza, how are you finding it and what clubs are you loving?

It is my first time!! And what a first time it has been. I still pinch myself thinking about how lucky I am to be DJing on my first ever trip to this wonderful island!

My first gig was at the Tropi Trance Bar in San Antonio, and to me, that beat any club hands down. The promoter, Dave Cook, has some seriously good talent spinnin on the decks and it was a privilege to fill the room and have a proper party with our fellow trancers on the island! They enjoyed it so much they invited me back, and I have to say it has to be the most fun I’ve had at a gig so far.Probably because of that family vibe, being right in there with the crowd and the unity that connects us all on many levels. It was a truly mindblowing experience!  Being part of the Ibiza Trance Family was such a proud moment, one I’ll never forget!

I got to play at Eden Nightclub the following night too, that place was epic and the sound system was great! I loved the layout!

I have to say, Amnesia gave me a bit of Amnesia! I kept getting lost! That being said, the Cream event was also top notch with

some of the best trance lineups I’ve seen on the island.

Where I was staying there was a Bar below called Delano’s. That place had music rocking all day and it was genuinely quite difficult to pull myself away from my beach apartment, but I knew more awesome music was just around the corner 🙂

I loved the vibe at Ushuaia beach club, my friend was staying there and we had an evening listening to Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens, my goal is to be playing there next year at the A State of Trance event, aim high!



3. Influences and current artists you are listening to?

This is a really difficult question, because I love ALL kinds of music, not just trance.

I’m really into my melodic chillout at the moment, but my favourite must listen to regular shows are Ben Gold’s Gold Rush Radio and Markus Schulz, Global DJ Broadcast. I just love their vibes and track selection!

Some upcoming producers who are really impressing me are Dimension and Abstract Vision. Beautiful energetic tracks with that progression i absolutely love.

I’m a sucker for a good Anjunabeats track too, Genix, Ilan Bluestone and Andrew Beyer are ABSOLUTELY smashing it at the moment!




4. I hear you have a track coming out soon, give us the down low about that

Well it was always going to be difficult, trying to create “my sound” but I always knew what I liked. Pumping energetic basslines, alittle beautiful breakdown and bang straight in there again with that pure energy I love.

I’m currently working on a few other tracks too, I’m in the mindset of *find your creative genius*!!

For now, that’s all I can really say, but you’ll hear more as soon as it becomes official!

I also have a compilation album coming out on Equinox Recordings Label. They approached me to mix their annual compilation album! So watch this space, release date is October :).



5. What made you want to start Djing?

I was always known as 2-minute-Mel! I would usually invite my friends round to my place after a big night out, and I’d have playlist after playlist of awesome tuneage! I’d get through most of the song then already have lined up the next track! Eventually, I entered a competition, and won it! I got my first ever experience on the decks with one of my Trance Idols, Andy Moor! He taught me the basics and from there it just felt right that it was an avenue for my creativity, and an outlet for what seems to be infinite energy that I always seem to have!

I never knew I would actually be pretty good at it! Then again, I’ve been working in IT all my life and digital djing is mainly software and hardware based, so it was relatively easy to learn.

I had some awesome teachers, another DJ from London called Yiota and Mark Walker who works with Elevation Audio. They helped me get ready for my first ever gig at Ministry of Sound in the Baby Box! It’s crazy to think that was just a year ago really, considering how far I’ve come, but if there’s one thing you could say about me, it’s that I am determined and have a major passion for music and how it unites people universally.



6. Best set you have played so far and why?

That had to be my set at the Tropi Trance Bar..The energy there was UNREAL!! That being said, I’ve got a fair few nights from Ministry of Sound, London where I had opened the room and packed it within 45 minutes, and I really enjoyed setting the stage for the next DJ. Looking back, I would say that my set opening the 103 Room in Ministry of Sound back in May comes a close second! It’s been quite some time since a trance label had the 103 room, seeing how well the rest o the night ran, and warming up for the likes of Coop & Jones, Lewis Duggleby, Paul Webster and Signum really gave me goosebumps!


7. Any upcoming plans or gigs that your fans would love to hear about?

There are 2 in the pipeline which are currently TOP SECRET! But I cannot wait to announce it… Just keep your eyes peeled on my Decimel page and all will be revealed in a month or so! I’ll also drop my debut track exclusively during my set, so you definitely don’t wanna miss this one ! 😉





Photo credit – Jon Self Photography


Locations –

Ibiza – Tropi, Eden

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