Interview with Raver of the Year, DJ Nick the Kid & Decimel (part 1)

A few weeks back I was out hitting the clubs in the famous White Isle and while soaking up the party atmosphere I had the pleasure of meeting some wonderful sorts including the most energetic, ‘full of beans’ person I have ever come across, Alex van Naher. Also the talented DJ Nick ‘The Kid’ Coles and my dear friend, Melissa ‘DJ Decimel’ Grant. I got the chance to interview each of them and get the low down while they were out on the party island. I’ve also broken this up into 3 part series so don’t stop reading at this post. Parts 2 & 3 to follow! 

Alex van Naher

Raver of the Year 2014 

1. So tell me a bit about yourself

Professional guy, always been hard working but my passion has always been for raving. Started my rave career back in 1991 when it was a very underground scene. It managed to take me away from the lifestyle I had including a lot of studying. Born in Birmingham, raving opened up my world to travel the globe.  On the way I was meeting great people with plenty of new exciting adventures. Also started hitting the underground and main stream clubs in central London at 17 years of age ( my College years). I really started to appreciate music to a different level. Went to University in Manchester which also opened up eyes to new music. I started listening to the likes of Graeme Park, Brandon Block, Allister Whitehead, Jeremy Healy and Boy George. Also a big fan of the Iconic Miss Moneypenny’s in Birmingham, the most glamorous club in the world.

After following the house scene, I moved on to Progressive with influences such as Sasha & Digweed and more harder dance with Danny Rampling and Graham Gold before finding my true heaven that is Trance in 1995/96 with Paul Oakenfold and Paul van Dyk. Godskitchen in Birmingham and Gatecrasher in Sheffield and Cream at Nation in Liverpool soon became my mecca’s to Trance music in the mid 90’s. My passion for trance hasn’t waivered in 20 years and gives me the same feelings I had all those years ago if not more these days. It does something to me that fulfils my soul, makes me happy and emotional – I don’t think any other music does this for me.



2. Why do you think they choose you to be raver of the year?

The sheer volume of events I attended! How I like to connect with people, the way I dance and probably how people perceive me. Huge love for music and the atmosphere it creates – I always feel at home which people can always relate too. I really enjoy the company of other ravers and the community of people that come together. I still appreciate the fact that I have this accreditation but always remaining equal to everyone else. My Affiliation with trance music is also a big plus.

3. What are your thoughts on the current trance scene?

I think following the emergence of EDM three year ago, trance has seemed to have fallen on the wayside. With the passion, commitment and the hard work around the UK and Europe, I can definitely see a re-emergence in cities like Birmingham, Bristol, London, Prague, Ibiza, Manchester, Dresden and Milan. With the way the trance family unit connects with one and another, it will help install it back where it belongs. 



4. Favourite place/club in the world to party/rave?

Cream Ibiza at Amnesia Club… it’s the best event and best global club and totally identifies with me. It’s a trusted brand with quality line-ups. Such an amazing night and iconic venue that guarantees 100% satisfaction when I leave the club and leaves me begging for more!


5. Favourite festival?

Luminosity beach festival at Beach Club FUEL located in the town of Zandvoort to the west coast of Amsterdam, Holland. Having the festival at the Beach makes it extra special. It unites the most passionate ravers across the globe, real great people to connect with and you end up making friends with – this is the special thing about Luminosity Beach Festival. It brings the best in trance every year – massive headliners, trance styles for everyone and ‘save the best for last’ Sunday Trance Classics sets to close the event. Luminosity Beach Festival has it all and I’m hooked. It leaves people weeping for weeks after in a state of emotion as to how brilliant it was again!

6. If you could stage a rave anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Amsterdam instantly speaks trance. It connects people from all over Europe. The city that never sleeps for trance. Very Liberal and has a great vibe to it. Dutch people are also super friendly and very welcoming plus Amsterdam has the best festivals in the world.



7. When all the raving is over, how do you like to chill out?

I don’t chill out. I work 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. The only thing I am constantly thinking about is when is the next rave.

8. Anything you would like to add?

Trance is the past, present and future in my eyes. They say ‘House Every Weekend’ but I say ‘Trance Every Second Of The Day’… this is the music that defines me and sets my heart alight… Viva La Trance! 


Photo credit – Jon Self Photography. Alex’s own. 


Locations –

EDEN, Tropi San Antonio, @ Night bar, Tropicana beach club 

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