Hot new local in St John’s Wood – Yasmeen Lebanese Restaurant

Offering a unique experience, where its not just about the food but the way you are treated from the moment you walk through the door.


Middle Eastern cuisine is one of the top foodie trends of 2015. Since visiting Marrakech late last year, I have become quite the fan, even though I don’t find myself eating as much of it as id like too. Lebanese in particular is one cuisine I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing thus far to date, so I was most excited when asked to come along and review this newly eating space in St Johns Wood with the Citylicious crew. 


Bashir, the manager of the restaurant welcomed us in with open arms and once sat down, explained to us the menu items and his recommendations for the evening. I actually love it when someone orders for me. These days, I either want to order everything off the menu or I just become way too indecisive. Life problems I tell ya 😉

The restaurant itself is filled with plenty of natural light due to the massive conservatory out front. The decor is also pleasing to the eye, with a promenant display of the Yasmin flower throughout. 




To start we had a selection of pickles and tomato with summak. Both the wines (white and red) Bashir ordered for us were from Lebanon and I have to say went down rather nicely.  Bashir suggested we have some hot and cold plates to share first then followed by two mains and some dessert. Im already thinking about how I am going to fit all of this in.. ekk! 


Just to give you an idea on what we had sprawled across the table, were ranging from hummus beiruty, fattoush, orka and vine leaves. ‘Oh those vine leaves were just outstanding’. I was super happy that I had picked this one of the menu. For the hotter options, we had the fatayer, kibbek, halloumi cheese and falafel balls.




….Well how about those little balls. The veggie delight was coated in sesame seeds – a totally lush deep fried ball of goodness! 


For the main courses, we had the taouk, lahem meskui with kofta yogurtliek (in other words lamb kofta with a mint and garlic yogurt dressing). Ive always been a fan of aioli but this dressing is really addictive plus its healthy, so go on mad on the stuff! 




After the truckloads of scrumptious food, it was fair to say that we had both reached our quota for the evening although there’s always room for the best meal of the day – dessert of course. 

The mint fresh mint tea after supper is always a good idea and because it came out in a sophisticated teapot with pint size glass cup, it made it all that much better.. oh and the digestion… yes that too!  Bashir wanted to give us the full Yasmeen experience so to finish off the evening, we headed outside to the terrace. Surrounding us were gorgeous styled outdoor furniture equipped with heating on those extra chilly wintery nights. 


Bought to the table were a few decorated plate of pistachio tart, the traditional baklava and custard. All of which I love and have tried in the past except for the tart which was totally off the hook. In fact, by this point I felt like I was going to explode but I just had to take one more bite for extra measure and because I really hate wasting food! 



Me and Brucine agreed that without Bashirs friendly, passionate and interactive service, the night just wouldnt have been the same. Dining out is meant to be an experience to remember and look back on and at Yasmeen, im giving the big thumbs because I know im never going to forget it!

Everything was on point, we had the most enjoyable time with a bit of humorous banter thrown in there. Highly commendable! 



Address:    1 BLENHEIM TERRACE, London NW8 0EH
Phone:       020 7624 2921
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