Honey & Co. Middle Eastern Brunch


Probably how I would best describe this place located only a few steps  away from Warren Street Station. A cute little cafe run by a couple who have been bought together by their food passions & sharing what they used to eat when they were growing up.


……Although I have been working for the Middle East region for sometime in my other job, im only just starting to discover how brilliant their food really is…..




I had only heard positive reviews about this cosy and relaxed cafe and when my friend mentioned that we would be meeting here for brunch, I was of course very happy about that. (and you know it doesn’t take much for me to feel this way when it comes to food). 


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I am massively into fresh mint tea and it seems to be popping up on the menus of almost every cafe I have frequented lately. I liked the fact that these guys give it to you in a decent size stainless steel pot. Id like to think that I can enjoy at least 2 generous cups of tea if im paying for it. 











Okay so the menu isnt your average items of smoked salmon and eggs benny so be prepared for a whole new experience here.

We decided on the tasters to share (again im right into this at the moment) plus the main which is eggs cooked with a number of different ingredients. Some I have never heard of before. Eggcellent. 











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An almost overwhelming amount of different plates was bought to our table and I was taken back by all the delicious aromas and pretty colours surrounding us. Everything from warm breads, dips, jams, tomato & feta salad, olives, their own special cereal with yogurt plus the freshest of figs and some nicely glazed carrots. Which by the way had an unusually good taste to them. YUM. 

At first I really didn’t know where to start so I would recommend just taking little bites off each plate and mixing it up a bit.  The flavours are just incredible.  




I got so wrapped up in what was in front of me that I had forgotten about the eggs. THE EGGS!! Out they came – mine presented in a rustic pan with a side of bread and olive oil dipped spinach. These are called the Shakshuka if you are wondering. Extremely rich but holy moly they certainly hit the spot. It was like having a poached egg but just imagine it covered in an intensely flavoured, thick and creamy tomato sauce. Unbelievable good. 

My friend had the Sabich which I somehow managed to squeeze in a few more mouthfuls without feeling like my tummy was going to explode. With that thought in mind, I definitely wont be complaining about the food portion sizes here. They have totally nailed that one.




Sadly I couldnt fit in any dessert or cake (yes you are reading this right!) but anyway its before lunchtime so its acceptable to let this slide…  

I love everything about this place. Its homely ambiance, the simple shelf of stacked pots of all sorts, hospitable staff and the food…. WELL. I praise you! Certainly makes a change for me to be eating a selection of totally different food for breakfast. Very reasonably priced as well. All of this for £17.00 is not bad at all. 


Absolutely superb.  You should definitely pay a visit to this one. I can guarantee that you will not be leaving there hungry!  





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