Harwood Arms – More than the usual kind of English Pub



Considering this well known pub is only a five minute walk from my place you would have thought that it would be somewhere ive had the pleasure of eating at on many occasions. Shamelessly I will admit that this is not the case. In fact it has been on my to do list for quite sometime and after a rather fun filled afternoon me and a friend decided to wing it for dinner in the hope that there was a free table awaiting us. 

Good news – there was.

The staff were more than accommodating, while waiting for a table we ordered the famous scotch egg of theirs to share and a gin cocktail to get the evening under way.




This Waltham Green, gastro pub is slightly different to most you will find around London, simply because it is the only one with a 1 Michelin star behind its belt. Definitely something worth raving about if you ask me BUT, does it food stand up to the exceptional quality which it has been awarded for? I was about to find out.




Starting off with the most incredible soda bread, I just couldn’t help my piggy little self and ask for seconds….please take note that this is coming from someone who barely eats bread. THAT GOOD





To follow for the main I made a brave decision to go for the slow cooked lamb shank with vegetables and pearl barely. This Kiwi takes her lamb very seriously and im happy to report that it was up to scratch of that in my home country – falling off the bone and full of flavour with the grainy hint of barley. A nice French red to pair with this and your good to go. 




To finish, blood orange donuts with vanilla cream – say what?! Just when I thought I might explode, I took one bite of one of these bad boys and boy oh boy I was not disappointed. In true Steph style I managed to polish off the whole bowl leaving one left for Emma. It didn’t stop me eating some of her cheese platter either. Who would have thought that some creamy Swiss cheese would go so well with a simple thing like an oatcake. 




Well what a jolly good evening had by all and a totally spontaneous one at that. A very pleasant, down to earth pub with the kind of atmosphere you would expect in most but with a firm focus on quality British comfort foods. Im please to report that I had a right swell of a time and im sure you will too. 




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