Happy Holidays & Thank You


Three days away from one the most celebrated holidays of the year and I seriously cant believe how quick it has come around! In fact this entire year has just gone like a flash! 

I would like to start by taking the time to thank each and everyone of you that has supported me through out the year with the start up of this little blog. What was once a thought many years ago, finally turned into a reality in April.  Its been a fun but testing, roller coaster of a ride since I launched early this year and I have loved every minute of it! Not to mention all the incredible people I have met along the way. Not knowing basically anything about websites, all the technical terms or very little about social media has definitely been an interesting challenge I tell you! I really couldn’t have done this without all the amazing support so thank you, it means the world to me and so much more.  

Id also like to wish everyone and their families a safe, happy Christmas and an exciting, healthy 2015. This year is my fourth Christmas away from home and even though I massively miss being away from my family and loved ones im also very much looking forward to experiencing an orphan Christmas in Berlin with a bunch of friends. I also hear that it may snow on the day, which as you can imagine I am thrilled about and all the fingers/toes are crossed as we speak! All im saying is don’t let me down Mr weather man 🙂







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