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27 May 14

Just got my tan leather tote bag from Just Fab and can you believe it – it was FREE!! Yes you heard me! If you haven’t heard of this online boutique shop then I suggest you jump on now and take a look. Justfab is founded by Kimora Lee Simmons and all you need to do is register to become a member, let them know what sort of styles you are into and each month you can purchase either a pair of glam shoes, loads of stylish handbags, accessories for only £35! You can even skip the month if your feeling skint. Ive been a member for about 2 years and ive managed to accrue loads of points hence the wonderful reward below 🙂

Copy and paste – http://www.justfab.co.uk/




28 May 14

While we are on the ‘purchasing’ subject I made the executive decision to jump onto another favourite online shop of mine – ASOS, to shop for summer clothes. Why is it that as a woman we always complain that we never have anything to wear or I need a new dress that ‘Im probably only going to wear once or twice’. Does that sound familiar?!! Anyway truth be told as that I actually am in need of a summer wardrobe so you can only guess that it I ended up purchasing this bright little number to add to the collection. This photo probably doesn’t do the colour any justice, in fact I was told it was pink online but its actually more like a neon peach. One thing I do like about ASOS is most of their clothes are good quality and I don’t have to deal with loose threads after one wash – painful.





29 May 14

On the train heading to Gatwick airport for my weekend getaway to Barcelona to see my mum and her partner. Its been just over 14 months which is a very long time to be away from your family but when you make the choice to live over here so comes dealing with the fact that its far and few between that you will get to see your loved ones. I soon as I knew she was coming over to do her Med cruise I had to take the opportunity to meet her somewhere and what better place than the incredible city of Barcelona. Theres just something about the vibe of the place that keeps me coming back for more. The endless amounts of tapas restaurants, clever architects like Antoni Gaudi, fantastic transport system and endless festivals make it a definite favourite of mine. If you want to find out more check out my post later this week….


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30 May 14

Im such a lucky daughter receiving some goodies from my mum. She certainly knows me all too well! The jar of marmite is something ive been wanting for the past two years but unfortunately the Sanitarium factory in my home town Christchurch had to be bulldozed down when it was struck by the devastating earthquakes many years ago. People were bidding up to $30 for that small jar online!! I cant say im a massive fan of British marmite of Aussie vegemite so I was ever so pleased to receive this!!! The Tim Tams are u huge household name in Australia and these little bites are just new out.  If i had to describe what they tasted like then I may get in trouble for what im about to say so I will just keep it simple  and boring by just saying you will have to try them for yourself if you are ever visiting that part of the world…


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31 May 14

Being a blogger I am all about getting creative with photography and also known for being abit of a poser (yes I admit it!) I had to ask mums partner to take this beach shot with my darling mother. Im pretty sure he was sick of me asking every 5 minutes ‘can you take a photo’ but if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t be able to look back on all the wonderful memories I have had and shared with my loved ones over the many years of my life.  With technology ever growing and phones now with excellent cameras, I really don’t think it is an excuse to not take a few shots especially when you are experiencing all this amazing planet has to offer.


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1 June 14

As crazy as it seems I had planned to have a small get together with some close friends at my place to celebrate the first day of summer, literally two hours after I landed back in London – insane or what?! My friends know what I am like and that I love planning a good party or event so I had to take advantage of the warmer weather and my lovely garden (which  by the way I haven’t even had the chance to sit out in yet).  Of course being an Kiwi/Aussie I do appreciate a good BBQ and coming from having one nearly every day to pretty much never, I was so excited about the fact that when I moved into this place I knew I could use it in the warmer months and actually enjoy some outside space – which most of you know is very hard to find in London.


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Stay happy,


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