Going all French @ Koffman’s


Wednesday evening I paid a visit to a friend and contact of the Maybourne Group at the wonderful 5 star hotel called the Berkeley in Knightsbridge

 Laura and Justine were kind enough to show me and a work colleague around the hotel rooms and get a sneaky glimpse of the top floor pool with retractable roof plus the luxurious Bamford spa and health club.  


I managed to squeeze in a quick picture in the lobby area in front of some gorgeous flower settings by Mcqueen and inspired for Wimbledon.




Much to my surprise and Laura and Justine’s generosity, they invited us to have dinner with them at Koffmans, inspired by legendary chef Pierre Koffmann.

Seeing as though I am being extremely healthy at the moment I decided that I would give myself a night off and treat myself to some lovely French cuisine in this lavish and well-respected hotel. It also meant that I would have the opportunity to blog about my impressions of the place and this made my even more eager to try out their signature menu.






Starting with a nice glass of bubbles, we were greeted by a friendly french chef – am I allowed to say that he was a bit cute?! I asked him if he could recommend some of his favourite dishes on the menu as when it comes to French food, it is unfamiliar territory and I still have much to learn.

For the starter I had to go for the hand dived Scallops with Thai Spice. I’m pretty sure I could live off Scallops everyday for the rest of my entire life.  For main, I choose to be a little safe and went for the AGNEAU – herb crusted lamb cutlets with artichoke. My colleague went more traditional and had the DAUBE DE JOUE DE BŒUF, GRAND-MÈRE – beef cheeks in red wine. French food is often known to be very rich and after eating nothing but fish and vegetables for last three weeks I had to be slightly careful with the over indulging.


The wine chosen by a chirpy italian waiter recommend we try the below which he said would work perfectly with all of the variety of dishes chosen.




Before the dishes were served we were given some onion and cheese bread cut up into small pieces which reminded me of the little solders my mum used to do with eggs as a kid. We also had a selection of freshly baked breads.  The one that stood out for me was the garlic looking cupcake roll – divine. In fact I ate two and I didn’t feel one bit guilty. There was still plenty more room for the next lot of dishes on their way.






No words can really describe the succulent scallops, mixed with a creamy, citrus type sauce and a small portion of rice, I was never going to be leaving disappointed at this rate.  The lamb I must say was pink but the waiter was nice enough to point it out to me before taking it back to the kitchen to be cooked to a medium, well done, as I had asked. The beef cheeks that was ordered by my work mate was as rich and scrumptious as i thought it would be and melted instantly in my mouth. 


No evening is done without the last course of dessert. When I looked at the menu items, I really couldn’t make up my mind at all.  It all looked far to good, so being as indecisive as I can be, back came the waiter for more of his suggestions 🙂

The vanilla cheese cake it was and talk about satisfying. Very sweet and ridiculously creamy, if you’re a cheesecake fan then you would be in heaven right now.




By this stage I was understandably full to the brim but the food just kept coming out.  Macaroons, jellies and nougat as an after dinner mint? Well I certainly can’t complain about that. The French are certainly very generous when it comes to food!


Koffmans night 3


I would really like to thank both Laura and Justine for their outstanding hospitality. A thoroughly enjoyable evening mixed with fine food, good conversation with a warm and homely atmosphere was a fabulous way to break up the working week…. and my detox 😉 

****4 out of 5 stars *****


Happy eating,


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