Glenrothes whiskey tasting with the Golden Network

Whiskey tasting. Now its not something I would go gaga over, simply because I am not a massive lover of the grain alcoholic beverage. HOWEVER, over the past year I have slowly been introduced to the brown liquor, thanks to my darling friend Emma who on the other hand, is quite the fan of the brand. I have to say, that is growing on me 🙂 


Since I am pretty clueless on the subject of Whiskey and Emma loves Glenrothes, I asked her to join me for an exclusive Glenrothes whisky tasting class at Boisdale of Belgravia and thanks to the Golden Network.

The restaurant itself is a classic example of true Scottish style, with tartan wall to wall, bright reds & forest greens, oak wooden furniture and so much space! Very deceiving from the front entrance, of just how big this venue really is. 




We were seated in a cosy area with a small gathering of network members. Amanda Baxter was our delightful host for the evening and also a product manager for Berry Bros & Rudd.

We had 4 whiskeys to taste for the evening.

The Vintage Reserve



1995 – this was my pick of the four, but im just going by how easy it is to drink, and this baby was pretty smooth! 



Amanda also talked us through just how whiskey is made with a little history lesson on how Glenrothes became how it is today.

The single malt scotch whiskey is produced in Scotland in a place called Speyside, which is also home to 50% of other distilleries. Reason for this is simply because its of its wonderful water for distilling and great arable land for growing barley. Funnily enough, Glenrothes would probably have never got its feet off the ground if it wasn’t for the help of the local Presbyterian minister, who ended up funding the project after a banking crisis halted construction. I also learnt that it is the only distillery situated by a grave yard. Spooky stuff!


Interestingly enough, the producers here believe that age will not specifically tell you what is in the bottle. A Glenrothes vintage will be bottled, according to age, but not maturity. 

As we all know, what happens in the cask is far more important than the length of time spent in it!

So there you go.



If you want to know more about what makes a great whiskey or are interested in learning more in a tasting class then take a look on the links below for more info – 

Glenrothes official website

Boisdale restaurant events 

As always, a big thank you to the Golden Network for putting on another prestigious and high quality event. I must say its always so nice to experience something different and now that I have conquered the whiskey tasting, im just wondering what is next on the list of amazing things to see and taste…! 


Cheers 🙂

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  1. Ha, I remember trying to be classy as a teenager and attempting to drink whiskey. Needless to say, the end result was not classy. This seems like a much better way to ease into it x

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