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Finding my way around the city on a fairly quiet Saturday morning was something out of the ordinary for me. I rarely find myself in EC1 to begin and with my Saturdays being taken up by the gym or being domesticated, it was rather refreshing to be get a glimpse of some new (and old) sky scrapers and unknown streets to explore. 


If you’re familiar with the hustle and bustle of Liverpool Street station or happen to work around the vicinity, you may have noticed the Broadgate Circle, a modern amphitheatre of modern restaurants and bars, normally heaving with workers especially if the weather is decent. Aubaine just happens to be one of them and when asked to come along and review their pop up brunch menu, I immediately said yes, yes and yes. 


Cointreau Fizz has collaborated with Aubaine to create a Fizzy brunch style menu where they offer a selection of small plated ‘bottomless’ breakfast dishes for £15 plus as many cointreau cocktails as you can handle. 

Now it does seem a little crazy to be drinking so heavy in a mid morning session but you may be pleasantly surprised by how light and refreshing these beverages really are. Literally a dash of cointreau, some sparkling water and some juicy squeezed lime and voila! 




Before we were to tuck into all these goodies, we were directed to the wall of delicacies. Shelves of crusty breads, spreads, croissants and freshly baked pistachio muffins were displayed in front of my eyes. This is highly dangerous when you have a huge appetite (a bit like when you’re in the supermarket) so I decided to take it easy on the bread as I knew I would be getting my fair share a little later on. 





The menu offers an array of savoury and sweet dishes. These are small in size so this means you can knock yourself out when it come to the ordering quantities. More to taste I say.


I went for the french toast, banana porridge, avocado toast plus I shared the croque monsieur and a selection of fruits. My friend Natalie also had the eggs florentine. The french toast was topped with blueberries with a prominent taste of cinnamon and honey (loved every single second of it).


Avo on toast is always considered a weekend ritual at my place. Normally I would top it with lashes of smoked salmon and chilli flakes but on this occasion it was plated with some bright cherry tomatoes, selection of seeds and a fluffy poached egg. Délicieuse!




For £15 this price is bang for your buck. If it wasn’t for feeling so full, I could have ordered another round of plates & sipped on more cocktails until mid afternoon but sadly I had to vacate in search for bridesmaid dresses (duty calls)



Aubaine is uber chic, the interior is pretty, offers a sophisticated ambience and a quiet space for those breakie or lunch business meetings.  Highly recommend and would hate for you to miss out, so make sure you pop along before the 3rd October. It would be a shame to miss out on this one! 

Address:    38 Broadgate Cir, London EC2M 2BN
Phone:       020 3773 3650
Also with locations all over London. Go to their website for all the details 


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