Fadi meet & birthday treats with Ravers Army

Towards the later part of 2015, I got the chance to be apart of a very special and rare event which took place at the Horse and Stables pub, SE1 on Friday 20th November with Ravers Army as part of their ‘Day with DJ’s’. I of course, going with the Egyptian theme and all, opted for the classic Cleopatra look donning a heavy black wig and barely being recognisable. That day, it definitely wasn’t about ‘Being Blonde‘ for Steph!



Bringing together a close knit family of passionate and dedicated fans from all across the globe, who were all there to see the trance legend himself, Fadi Naguib from the Egyptian duo, Aly & Fila.

Each were given the opportunity to ask some questions over the course of the afternoon, for which I was asked to blog about and share with you their experiences, getting up close and on occasions.


Whats next for Aly & Fila?

I dont really think about what is next, I just keep doing what we have been doing since we started. We want to make trance music as big as we can. We need to continue and push for our brand, especially Future Sound of Egypt for all the artists. To benefit from it and to try and make a close knit family.


Whats the best rave you have ever been to?

As a DJ. The Pyramids. I live in Cairo and I get to see them all the time. To have our own gig there is truly amazing, just crazy!

As a raver – I did a camping festival in Germany, Nature One. A very special festival. A little more commercial but a fantastic experience!



What are your biggest musical influences?

PAUL VAN DYK all day long.

I have really been inspired by the German scene. It is one of the main reasons I became a DJ and started producing.

How do you see the trance scene going?

I see it going in a very good direction. I just hope the scene itself and the clubbers are to stay positive about everything. Just try to enjoy it and support the people around you who enjoy it as well. Leave the politics alone!! Its supposed to be artistic but with the music business it always seems to lead back to the politics.



All over the years, you have produced some amazing albums and tracks, where do you find your inspiration from?

Its more about working in the studio and being positive. Having a positive life, travelling around, a good push to do more music. I spend 3 days maximum in the studio . Ive been making music in the studio for 15 years. I work with Aly and we spend as much time in there as we can. Its not only me. We have each other.


Is there another genre of music that you like to listen to apart from trance?

Chill out. I love it so much. It is one type of music that really inspires me as a musician. Its more about the melodies and not just the drops. I would love to go to one of the Above and Beyond acoustic shows. They are amazing artists who create beautiful music.



What has been your biggest accomplishment and why?

Finishing the first album, it took three year of work to complete. Once we had done this one it was easy to produce more from there. The other would be the Pyramids event. We have been working on this event for 5 years just to get the permission (no joke)


Where did you get the name Future Sound of Egypt?

Future Sound of London! I really liked the name so thought why don’t we do something that is related to our country and that is not at all common so Future sound of Egypt came about. We are trying to show people that we have other ways of spreading a different image of our country.



Are you ready for tonight (Fadi was set to play a 6 hour set at Ministry that evening)

Absolutely ready. For me, its exciting to do a 6 hour set as to a one or one and a half hour set. It gives me the freedom to play whatever I want actually!

Will definitely be playing some of the classics. A little slower than the usual and build it from there. Will go harder and harder as the night goes on.

What is your definition of trance?

The trance I know is mostly about music, nothing else. Beautiful melodies and doesn’t just have to be about the speed of the track. I see a lot of arguing and war about it over social media which is ridiculous. Just enjoy what you like and support it. Whatever trance means to you, doesn’t have to be trance for someone else. The kind of trance I got into from the beginning is the type of music I want to keep alive within our sound.


Do you think extended sets are the way forward?

The idea of extended sets, well I really don’t want to make a habit of it. I want to keep it special. If i do it every time its going to get boring and I want to people to really wait for it and get excited about it. I also want to have a future sound of Egypt night while showcasing more DJ’s and more talent. It doesn’t always have to be about us us us.




After the flowing of questions and a lot of laughs in between, one of the young fans Meeny Marbles, presented the most captivating piece of art work to Fadi. Such a thoughtful, unique gift and a wonderful, kind gesture in my opinion. I could see that Fadi was absolutely stoked to receive it!




But wait there’s more!

Yep, that wasn’t all that was in store for Fadi. Ravers Army had something else planned up their sleeves and surprised him with monstrous cake of vibrant coloured pyramids made by Gemma Sinclair and friends. You see, it wasn’t just about the fans today, it was also Fadi’s 34th birthday and I think these guys from Ravers Army did a stellar job making it an ultra special afternoon for him. One I believe, he will never forget!

After a toast, it was time for everyone to get a few memorable snaps, followed by a light session of jager bombs shots (a favourite of Fadi’s I hear!) and tucking into a piece of that delicious mouthwatering cake – it would be rude not to!




Fadi was also joined by his management – Stuart Roberts.

Later on in the evening I headed to Gallery @ Ministry of Sound club with photographer, Jon Self who took some pretty amazing shots through the day, while I had the opportunity to rave the night away in the VIP area including a few cheeky podium boogies in the main room. The music was A-Class and even though I snuck off around 3.30am, I hear a very successful set that was enjoyed by thousands of fans until the break of dawn.

I have to say, this is the first event of its kind that I have had the chance to be apart of, so I would like to say a huge thanks to Alex Van Naher for pulling it all together; of course along with the Ravers Army admins. A tremendous effort on both parts and feeling very lucky to be included.





Fadi is an absolute darling. So down to earth, a really humble guy that has so much time for his fans. His passion for music and life is simply quite amazing and for a family man I really dont know he manages to juggle it all but he does and that I admire him for.

It was also great to meet some of the fans, some that had travelled a fair distance to come along which is extremely loyal and dedicated.

Rave on!

**Images courtesy of John Self Photography**

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