Fabulously fun at Fortnum’s – The Fountain Restaurant


This luxury British Brasserie is certainly not one to be laughed at. Described as Fortnum and Masons most famous restaurant, this pastel coloured fairytale of a place with dashing features is a little on the mysterious side…



Dotted around the restaurant is pretty coloured biscuit tins and fine china tea pots almost good enough for the Queen. Or more to the point, two fabulous blondes. Joining me that evening was fellow blogger Nicole Middleton from #Breadlinechic donning her new platinum look which I felt was very fitting for our elegant dining experience.




Before being seated for dinner, we couldn’t resist the odd pic or two being total posers (actually make that ten) just outside the stairwell leading down to the dramatic entrance. The bar is the most impressive feature with an open roof exposing the top level, a dazzling centre piece light and marble bar for sipping away on some bubbles. Speaking of which, they do a mighty fine champagne made by Fortnum’s so being the quality brand that its known for, I hardly expected anything less.



Now on to the food. We decided to swing towards the 3 course which at £28.00 a head is a steal for a central London restaurant. Not to mention that you have the option of choosing to sit down in a pleasant, relaxed environment after doing some retail therapy rather than a over crowded food hall. I know what I would choose here. Just saying.



We started with the creamy goats cheese and beetroot salad. Always the safer option on the menu, you just cant afford to mess up a simple dish such as this.



The line caught sea bass with heritage carrots was a pleasurable experience for the pallet. Just the right portion size for a main meal, was cooked rather well with a light crispy skin on the outside.




Finishing off with a classic chocolate tart and large scoop of orange ice cream for dessert, I seem to be doing pretty well for someone who was never really a huge lover of orange and chocolate together. Funnily enough it seem to be growing on me these last few months and since this was on the better side of good, I wasn’t put off this time around. Lucky save.





Just because I am such a little piglet (as well all know well and truly by now) and are always wanting to have just that little bit extra on the side, I also ordered a selection of cheeses from the food hall and a glass of French red wine. Once again courtesy from our lovely friends of F&M. You must also try their famous teas, whether it be a classic or a naturally infused, grown in the deep south of Cornwall, you cant argue the fact that it is a rather soothing way to wine down the evening….. or you could just decide to get drunk by drinking more of their impressive wine. Whatever takes your fancy.






If you want to know more about the Fountains you should click here. A little birdie tells me their about to go through some heavy renovations so im very interested to know how different its all going to look in a few months time. Might be worth waiting around for huh!


181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER




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