Edible playtime with Tabl & Christabel’s


Table recently invited me to join in the fun and be a kid all over again at the Edible playground hosted by the gorgeous Christabel herself.

Welcoming us with open arms to her pad in the East part of London, I was handed a delicious cocktail while taking in the northern river views and only later realising that I was drinking that of a fried egg.

Im already in love. 



The table was set like nothing I have seen before, a rainbow of bold colours and items of all shapes and sizes. To put it lightly, there was an awful lot going on which had me mesmerised for a good ten minutes.



Once all the guests had arrived we were asked to take a seat and have a drink will Christable explained how the evening would pan out. I wasn’t sure as to what to expect but I knew it would involve breaking the rules with food manners, if you get what I mean.



The first thing on the menu began with some sand castle making and quinoa. Now this wasn’t any old quinoa nor was it sand if you’re asking. Made with de-shelled broad bean, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and pepper sauce, it was accompanied with a nice combo of cherry tomatoes, bacon, rocket and goats cheese. Of course, its up to you to build the ‘castle’ and present the plate to your best creative ability.



Next course involved painting a chicken. I kid you not. 

The chicken was made with a delicious soy, ginger honey sauce with 2 cubes of chocolate. Not forgetting the sides of creamy mashed carrot and fresh steamed vegetables which we shared amongst the table. 




Shortly after devouring this we were graced with stacks of  shortbread fingers which were lightly dusted with eatable glitter and resembled that to a game you’ve probably all heard of – JENGA of course! 

A game that is always guaranteed a good time under the influence of a few too many raspberries, but possibly not so great for a person like myself that has shaky hands and is normally the first one to stack it.

Two guesses as who stacked it first 🙂



Last but not least, we were treated to some gooey caramel tarts and a chocolate block of lego. It looked like the real deal so much that I contemplated leaving it on the plate, however after discovering it was actually dark chocolate, that thought went out the window very quickly and it was demolished within a minute.



I may be a little obsessed by the dark cocoa and Im not ashamed to admit this. 


So thats pretty much a wrap. I had to whisk away from the partier earlier than expected but all in all it was a fun, memorable experience that I can now tick off my list. I like to say a big thank you to the wonderful host Christabel and Tabl for inviting me along. 



If you fancy a supper club experience that is nowhere near mainstream, you can visit the Table site for more details & loads more cool events:



Just remember, there are no limits or rules when it come to playing with food, so go as crazy as you want to here! 

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