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Most of you probably would have figured out by now that I prefer to write about experiences that aren’t so mainstream or have that point of difference, so when I was offered to review this unique pan-asian styled restaurant in Soho it was a pretty decent tender that I certainly couldn’t pass up on.

Not only do the specialise in one of my ultimate foodie loves – fresh sushi and Japanese, but they are also one of the worlds first restaurant to use an interactive ordering system, using projecters onto table surfaces and allowing you to take control of your dining experience at a click of a button. Yes, ‘you heard me…! Ordering your own food, at your own leisure and let me tell you, if you are a bit of a control freak like myself then you’re going to be obsessed by this. Not even kidding.


I had asked Brucine from Citylicious to join me for a quality evening out in the trendy West End as well as an overdue catch up to chat about our love for one thing. Food, food and more food.

Where do I begin….

Basically how it all works is once you are sat down, the waiter will come by your table explaining how to navigate your way around the menu which is displayed clearly on the right hand side. Its a bit like using a mouse on a Apple Mac book, just hover the arrow over what your stomach desires and tap tap away until it is placed into an ordering screen underneath. Of course it would be rude to order food first without tasting a fine cocktail of the menu. As well as being a colourful and creative selection of alcoholic beverages, there is also a decent amount of Sake, wines and spirits to choose from if these don’t float your boat. I opted for the lychee martini and Brucine had the white chocolate which were arguably a fantastic choice.



While the food was being prepared, we sipped away on the pleasing flavours of the cocktails, also giving us a chance to browse the menu. I was pretty fascinated with the fact that it gave you the option of changing your table cloth. (I know, small mind) Anything from florals, to food images and even the union jack flag was in there. So as you can imagine, I was flicking through left right and centre to see which colours best suited to the style of the food. Of course.




You can choose from a selection of sushi or small plated tapas dishes to start with, the Inamo classics or curries then your dessert options thereafter.

You know in this instance that sushi is going to win over anything when I am at the table, so we decided to share the tuna and tempura prawn, soft shell crab and the baby crispy prawns.




For our mains I just had had to get my mouth around the Japanese classic – black cod miso. When you are a fish lover like myself, it really is a no brainer. Brucine had her eye on the hot stone cooked sizzling rib eye with three different sauces. There is just something about the bubbling sound of this dish, as it arrives in front of you, steaming away, the hot juices dripping off the meat and me, hardly able to contain my eagerness while waiting for it to cook away. Big fan you might say?



Anyway, getting back to the first courses. You know how particular I am about fresh sushi. I try not to dribble on about this but I have to stress the importance. The rice for one, should be sticky and at room temperature (if not slightly warm) and the ingredients should ALWAYS be fresh. I can happily report that all sushi dishes tasted tonight were of a high standard and almost had me begging for seconds. YUMMO.


The black cod was ridiculas. I mean how can something taste that good. Its almost a crime.

Neatly presented with an oversized bright red chilli (which I didnt eat BTW) I mixed this with rice and spicey aubergine which was ordered as an extra side dish. Again, another seductively pleasing dish on the palate that leaves you longing for more. Gimme.



Inbetween the dessert ordering, we cursed our eyes over the games option and had to get in a quick game of battleships. I think the last time I actually played this game, I would have even been 10. Or maybe 6. Anyway, its always a good idea to bring that kid out of you every once in a while.

I also happened to take another squizz across the menu bar and noticed the ‘Chef cam’. In other words, keeping a close eye on the cooking action going on in the kitchen. Very very sneaky (I love it) 



After getting over all that excitement, our sweet courses had arrived just in time. Drumroll please…..

Out came two black slate style plates, each with a trio of juicy sorbets, a luxurious mix of cakes and the creamiest of coconut ice creams. This is the point where I cant speak for at least 5 minutes.

The sorbets took my by surprise. You see the middle one pictured was filled with beautiful notes of rosewater. The mango and raspberry were also tip top and flavours you can never really go wrong with.


Finishing off with a refreshing and palate cleansing sake mojito. Im big on sake at the moment, but ive never come across it in a cocktail before. Life is always about discovering new, amazing things and this was a marvellous way to end the evening.

Cant say enough about this place. Its no fuss, entertaining, with a lively atmosphere while supplying some epic background music might I add. The prices are affordable and if it doesn’t get any better than this, they are also opening a new location in Covent Garden covering over 3 floors.

Big thanks to Csilla for being such a wonderful, switched on host. I cant wait to bring my pals back here again in the New Year.

134-136 Wardour Street, Soho

Reservations: 0207 851 7051

Website:  www.inamo-restaurant.com

This is a sponsored post – all views are my own

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