Dim Sum Yum @ Royal China

Dim Sum. Dumplings. Yum Cha. Oh yeah 




These popular Cantonese bite sized dishes are always a winner in my books. I just love the idea of sharing loads of small plates with a group of friends and having that extra interaction over food with a bit of table chaotic-ness. Isn’t that nice.

On this particular occasion I happened to be dining alone at the Royal China on Baker Street but rest assured, this didn’t stop me from ordering plenty of dim sum dishes all to myself.


Royal China have a number of locations doted all over London as well as Singapore and are well known for their traditional, delicately handmade little parcels of tasty delights originating from Canton in China. They have a gigantic menu with a huge selection of fried and fresh dim sum which is available from noon until 5pm, giving you ample time to stuff your face in as much as you can.


Starting off with a royal summer drink of passionfruit, strawberry jelly pearls and more importantly, some traditional green tea.


After browsing over the menu at least 20 times I finally decided on my selection. The menu is that extensive its almost impossible to eat your way through it all, however that can only mean one thing peeps; you will just have to come back again. Now that cant be such a bad thing can it. 



Prawn cheung fun – a little hard to grasp with the chop sticks if your a clutz like myself. Maybe thats why the have named this one fun?! 


Scallop dumplings – name speaks for itself and I am obsessed with scallops so I guess my opinion is of a biased one.  



From the special menu – Scottish lobster dumplings dipped in hot chilli sauce. If you have love it hot, then this is a must to try. Gorg!


Chicken and Mushroom buns – instead of going for the usual pork bun I opted for this which im glad I did. Just as good, if not better I reckon. 



Honey roast pork puffs – there were to die for. Sweet buttery pastry, absolute perfection with the pork mince. 


Stuffed eggplant and mixed shrimp with black bean sauce – WOW just wow. Mixed some steam rice, its fairly rich in flavour so recommended that you share this one out or take home in a doggy bag as I did. Flatmate was most impressed with me! 




Egg Tarts – not sure it was a wise move to order these but I am a huge lover of egg custard desserts so greedy guts me couldn’t go past trying at least one… or two….. Really, are you surprised by this?! That good my friends. That good. 




After having difficulty being able to move, it was fair to say that I was feeling more than just satisfied. The service is sterling – plenty of staff floating the floors to top up your tea and clear empty plates. Definitely coming back for more and ‘those’ duck pancakes ive heard all about. Next time I promise to share 🙂 


Royal China Baker Street

24-26 Baker Street



T: 020 7487 4688



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