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25 April 14

Theres nothing better than taking a picture of the beautiful blue skies, high up in the clouds about 38,000 feet from an airplane.  Even though I am not a confident flier I still like to enjoy peering out the window to the breathtaking views mother nature has to offer. Flying really is an incredible experience and I feel lucky enough to enjoy this on a regular basis. 

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26 & 27 April 14

It’s all about food when are you in the Switzerland and make sure you make the most of all the best things they have to offer.  I visited the Confiserie Sprüngli which is a Swiss luxury confectionery manufacturer in Zurich, founded in 1836 and internationally known for its signature macarons called “Luxemburgerli“. These are absolutely to die for!! The shop itself also has a cafe upstairs which have the most delicious hot chocolates and divine looking cakes. 

As a massive lover of ice cream I also had to indulge in some Mövenpick. The first restaurant opened in Zurich on July 19, 1948 by Ueli Prager and is now sold in over 30 countries worldwide.  I opted to go original and had the chocolate flavour. You could definitely taste the difference in the quality of ingredients but be aware it’s fairly rich and super creamy 🙂 

*This definitely wasnt the weekend to be worrying about calories!!*


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28 April 14

You are probably wondering why we are standing behind a snowman with big smiles on our face….. well this is no ordinary snowman, no no no… he is called the Böögg. I will go into more detail in my next travel post, about him and the massive traditional street parade that they hold to the public every April in the Swiss city. This year was the first time you could walk up a platform and have your cheesy photo taken at the top with some pretty decent views looking over Zurich.  

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29 April 14

On my way back to London I was reading through the magazine provided from BA and I happened to come across this lovely inspirational paragraph/quote from Chris Baraz-Brown.  

I don’t think he could have said it better and it really made me realise how much we do take for granted. #itsthesmallthings

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Stay happy,

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