Day 81 – 90

Day 81

Wednesday’s can only mean one thing – the Baker Street food market! I did consider avoiding the park at the beginning of the day due to my clean eating phase that I have been trying to do over the past few weeks but I couldn’t help but have a little meander down just in case there happen to be a few healthy alternatives.

Well what do I see. The Avocado Cafe – BINGO.

On the menu today they had horseradish and mackerel patty with beetroot dip, avocado and a leafy salad.  I did good. Oh and the food. Well of course it was cracking. Their dips are sensational and very fresh. The Beetroot is definitely my pick and a really good mix with some water crackers and feta cheese.

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Day 82

Lunching at Giraffe in Marylebone. This place is particularly good if you only have an hour for lunch and their menu has alot of surprisingly healthy stuff to choose from. The below is Juliette’s salad which consists of a variety of nutritious bits and pieces – broccoli, sugar snaps, bulgar wheat, beluga lentils, toasted seeds, rocket, cherry tomatoes & baby spinach in herby salsa verde dressing. Delish. They also have a lunch for less deal which means you pay no more than £6.75 for a meal. Splendid.

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Day 83

Battersea power station – a very iconic and gigantic building in South West London is up for redevelopment so Everyman cinemas decided to run a series of open air films during the summer months called the Power of Summer. This is my very first time at an outdoor cinema so I was unsure as to what to expect however there was no sign of rain which meant I didn’t have to worry about the fact that I came unprepared with no umbrella nor a rain coat. They also had a street feast of half a dozen food stalls, bars, a DJ playing some pretty hip tunes and a trampoline just in case you felt like jumping around like you were 5 again. We were given a headset and a cosy beanbag to lay on in front of the big screen – pink of course.  The classic Pulp Fiction by Tarantino was screening and the evening ended very nicely finishing up at about 11.30pm. I was practically falling asleep by this stage. Those damn bean bags were just way to comfy. 🙂

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Day 84

Chiltern Firehouse – this place is definitely the hottest place around town at the moment (pardon the pun) Impressive venue and good value for money. Surely if all the cool kids are hanging here then it must be half decent right?  You can check out my review on this former fire station or even better be the judge for yourself and book a table if you are lucky enough to score a reservation within the next 3 months. Good luck, I promise you it’s totally worth the wait. 



Day 85

Sunday afternoon I popped over to see a friend baking some of her wonderful creations.  I don’t want to give too much away but judging by the photo you can get a pretty clear indication as to how amazingly good they were. I will mention that this one is the poppy-seed and lemon cake.  All her cakes are Paleo and if you have no idea what I am talking about it then a short summary I would describe it as being centred around the ‘caveman’ diet. Based on the premise that if our ‘Paleolithic‘ ancestors didn’t eat it, we shouldn’t eat it. Keep an eye on my blog in the next couple of weeks and I will fill you in on much more interesting facts about this popular diet and obviously all these yummy cakes to go with it.




Day 86

I keep seeing women wearing dozens of bright coloured and mismatched bracelets all over their wrists lately and I wanted in on this fashion craze. I walked past Accessorise on my way home and thought it wouldn’t hurt to pop in and have a look. I went straight to the sale rack  at the back of the shop and saw a number of clear bags filled with bits and bobs.  I was intrigued. I rarely find myself looking for a bargain, in fact I am hopeless when it comes to anything sale related. Some people have just got the knack of finding some really decent pieces and accessories but me on the other hand, rubbish…. until today.  I managed to find all the below bracelets for £3! Unreal. This is a proud moment right now. I am finally on my way to becoming a serious bargain shopper. Hooray




Day 87

I was asked to attend the IonfashionUK conference with a number of other bloggers and various brands, mostly within the fashion industry. Held above Vibe bar in East London, it was quite a welcoming change to be on the other side of town. I do love the edgy and hipster-ness of Bricklane and Shoreditch but I am somewhat lazy when it comes to catching a tube for more than 30 minutes from SW6. Anyhoo the conference was my very first so I was a little nervous as to what to expect and how I should act. The speakers were all very successful in their own right and gave some great advice for newbies like me who are just starting out.  It can all be slightly intimidating and daunting when you are starting something completely new and unfamiliar  – the self doubting thoughts that always cross your mind and asking yourself whether you are doing all the right things. To me its all about learning, personal growth and the experiences that come with it. It definitely got me out of my comfort zone and im really glad I was able to attend it in the end.  They even provided lunch and free drinks at the bar – big ups to that! I’m also loving my Heidi Klein bag full of goodies. Looking forward to many more in the future.



Day 88

I am a very lucky girl receiving this delivery from Fortnum and Mason which certainly brightened my day. A selection of luxury biscuits in a delightful tin provided by the well to do department store in Piccadilly Circus. All im hoping now is when I take them home im not going to give in and demolish the whole thing by the end of the day. Trust me I am quite capable of this debauchery.



Day 89

Thats Vapore has opened downstairs in the same building as our office and they were kind enough to offer us a complimentary meal for lunch.  I’m still getting my head around the concept but I believe it is healthy ingredients that are all steamed and served in a basket.  The salmon was my first  choice  but that was all gone so I had to go for the smoked Haddock with chorizo. Not complaining, it was free and not bad if im completely honest here. However I have to debate whether I would spend the £8 they were asking for. There is far too much variety and competition in the area so I will be interested to see how well they do in the coming months.


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Day 90

Free breakfast on the boss this morning (also big shout out to Alistair Hugo catering) Rows and rows of danishes, pastries, fruit skewers and granola pots greeted me with a warm bakery scent as I walked into the cafeteria at 9am.  Cant say I wasnt happy about digging into all of this and what a way to start the day off on a good note. Now I wonder if the Boss will agree to doing this every Friday?



Getting closer to finishing the challenge – only 10 days to go!

Stay happy,

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