Day 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65 – 100 Happy days

Day 59

Time to get fit again! Far too much over indulging happening for one girl. Healthy eating starts today with my love of Chia.  Couldn’t resist this pot of Raspberry chia pudding after a delicious zucchini and snowpea salad, grilled chicken and sweet potato mash. Its been at least a year since ive been on a proper detox and let me tell you it is well overdue. Once thing you will learn about me is when I make a decision to do something, there is no stopping me.  So in other words, don’t even think about trying to twist my arm to come and party over the next few weeks  – it wont work, guaranteed 🙂


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Day 60

Received a really positive email reply back from the owner at Hawksmoor regarding my review and blog.  I totally get that these restaurateurs must get so many others reviewing their restaurants and it’s really nice to know that they can still take 5 minutes out of their day to respond back to people.  If you havent already done so check out my post last week on this divine steakhouse. I promise you, this will be one of the best steaks you have ever had.




Day 61

Tuesday mornings mean a free copy of the very informative magazine that is Time Out.   The London issue is actually a pretty good read especially if you have to endue a not so great bus ride to work every single day!!! Okay so I am guilty of being a public transport snob but wouldn’t you be if you had been used to driving for 10 years in your own comfortable car. Its only taken me 2 years to get used to the idea of riding on the red double-decker and to be honest (and I can’t believe im saying this) its a lot nicer than the tube. Perhaps my claustrophobia is getting the better of me here but if this all I have to worry about on a daily basis then I guess I am im doing okay right? 




Day 62

Since the Brazil World Cup has started so has the array of flags around my office floor and the massive amount of patriotism.  No, I am not a naturalised Australian but I will support them when it comes to soccer (as we call it) and their team the Socceroos. Considering the country is not really known for their football and more their AFL or NRL I think they have done a mighty fine job so far. Good luck team! #socceroos 

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Day 63

Tranceworld album mixed by HEATBEAT. Smoking it at the moment with their filthy hardcore trance and electro beats. Just loving all of their tracks on Spotify at the moment and had only recently discovered who they were them from a friend who sent a link over to me to check out.  It’s the perfect workout music to get you pumped for a session and call me weird, insane or whatever you want to but this music just makes me want to dance where ever I am!  Seriously I have no shame when it comes to dance music and only people who appreciate it will understand what I mean (Emma Little and Melissa Grant, my fellow ravers, this one goes out to you!)




Day 64

Friday afternoon means a well deserved drink of soda and fresh lime down at the local pub called the Malt House. You may have seen this a few times on Made in Chelsea, it sits on the corner of Fulham Broadway amongst many other cool little places I like to hang out in and very conveniently located close to home I might add. Today they had a mad hatters party going on in their cute back garden, which unfortunately I was slightly late and missed most of the action.  I have to say it was a far better idea then sitting at home on a Friday evening thinking about the fact that everyone is out drinking PIMMS and enjoying the warmer weather on offer. 


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Day 65

Driving around London with the hood down in the Audi on this absolutely sensational day with Miss Grant. What can I say, when the weather turns it on, boy does it change the whole moral of the city. It was just so nice to sit back with the wind in my hair, sun on my face and not caring about anything. I think it’s called unwinding?! I was actually lucky enough that Mel was in the area to swing by and pick me up off the Kings Road after having some tea at Patridges Markets.  The street was buzzing with loads of people, sipping on beer and wine at the pub and mingling around the markets at the fabulous food on offer. Unfortunately for me I am trying to avoid all these kind of places at the moment so I am not tempted to eat anything naughty.. and on that note I am slightly disappointed about the fact that I cannot make Taste of London festival this weekend. Talk about bad timing on my part. 






As always, stay happy 



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