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3 June 14

Seeing this picture made me laugh. A friend sent to it me the other day and said it reminded her of me. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that im into my wine and constantly blogging about it but im not the type of person that needs to drink it every day. A nice glass of red with a juicy steak will do me just fine!  




4 June 14

Kiesza at XOYO – so impressed with this talented lady. Managed to get right at the front in this intimate underground venue and boy did she nail it. The girl can sing and dance and im certain she’s going to become a household name before we know it. If you want to read more on my thoroughly enjoyable night then check out my post on her from last week.


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5 June 14

 My Henley tickets arrived in the mail tonight and I was super excited when I realised it is only a month away… how time has creeped up so quickly! This is my very first time to the annual Royal event which is located up Oxford way on Henley Upon Thames. I decided to get a bunch of friends together (about 8 of us) for a girls day out in the Jamie Oliver enclosure. The package includes our own table, delicious food inspired by Jamie, champagne on arrival, wine, a dance floor with DJ and hopefully some wonderful memories to look back on. Roll on July I say!! 

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6 June 14

Pamper night at home, blogging and reading my fav stylist mag.  Lately my life has been somewhat crazy and trying to find some downtime at the moment has been rather difficult to say the least. Im not one for staying in and just learning to relax, I just have to go go go and eventually end up crashing and burning after a few months of running around like a lunatic or becoming severely rundown. Its times like these where I really appreciate being in my own company, something that you learn as you grow older I believe. It’s important that we take some time out from our busy schedules to reflect and look back on what we have been doing. I wouldn’t say im quite there yet but im trying and that’s all that matters in my books! 


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7 June 14

 Fat Fridays means Buretto day! If you are wondering if this went down well then yes you would be right.  I don’t think I was the only one who had the same idea with the queue out the door and half way down the street. Chipotle on Baker Street is always super busy but their service is quick and easy – in and out as I like to say but far more tastier than the likes McDonald’s or KFC (sorry I am not a fan of either!) 




8 June 14

Early morning Skype calls in bed with my dear best friend over in Australia – couldn’t ask for much more really!! Kaye, I know you are probably going to kill me for putting this picture up but in this case im sorry you don’t have a say in the matter! Skype has been my saviour since I have lived here. I honestly don’t know what I would do without. The best way to communicate with my loved ones, sometimes I can spend up to three hours gas bagging and catching up on all the goss. The most annoying thing is dealing with the 9 hour time difference and trying to fit it in with my hectic life… but I guess there are worst things in life to deal with right?


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9 June 14

After two years of being convinced by a friend to come along to the Polo I finally got around to it this year. I was lucky enough to be given complimentary tickets by my friend who helps organise the event every year. For me its any excuse to glam up in a nice dress and sip on some champagne – it really doesn’t take that much to twist my arm! The weather was absolutely spectacular – hot and plenty of sun. I spent most of the day hanging out in the PIMMs and Pommery Tent. The Mahiki tent was buzzing with hip 20 somethings and as soon as I saw the coconut grenade drink I had to have get my hands on one. I can confirm it was very refreshing even though I am not a huge lover of coconut water. I also must confess I only watched about 10 minutes of the actual Polo match in the whole afternoon but I know im not the only one guilty of this im sure!


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