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22 May 14

Purchasing a lovely bottle of bubbles after my wine tasting evening last Thursday. This italian bottle of sparkling wine was very light and refreshing with a hint of a strawberry flavour. Perfect for upcoming summer BBQ’s! If you would like to read more about my experience please check out my latest post.





23 May 14

New purchase for myself. With the warmer weather on its way I was desperate for some smart casual shoes (that aren’t boots or sneakers!) and I couldn’t help but notice how sheek these black and white stripped pumps from River Island were. So of course I couldn’t resist and had to buy. ¬†Perfect with a pair of dark skinny jeans, white blazer and pastel coloured top – HOT HOT HOT is all im saying ūüôā





24 May 14

Sub audio festival – well where do I start. What an absolute winner of a day. My very first time experiencing a silent disco, I had heard alot of mixed comments from different peeps so was going in with no expectations. ¬†My friend Mel had encouraged me to go and as im always up for a good dance and some banging tunes I couldn’t wait to find out what it was really like. ¬†All I can say is im so glad that I did.

The weather was slightly average and literally moments after walking in the suspicious black cloud behind us turned into a dramatic storm followed by a downpour of rain.. we were fortunate enough to have this pass over after 40 minutes and when the sun came out so did everyone else and so the fun began. We had a choice of listening to three different DJ’s by flicking through with our funky headsets (pink for me of course). Surrounding us were tents of food stalls, a live acoustic corner with plenty of delicious cupcakes, amusing performers, face painting (yes I had to do it), a pillow fight breaking out with millions of feathers scattered everywhere, a beach ball enclosure and surprisingly a really nice intimate crowd of people. I love a good festival but sometimes I find it daunting with the amount of people that can be there. Have to point out that the toilets were clean, non smelly and even had a woman there cleaning them on the go – nice work.

Couldn’t have wished for a better day with some wonderful friends (my London family) wicked tunes and reasonably priced drinks. Just like to say thanks to Gigalum for organising, you did a fantastic job and I will definitely be back next year for this one.


2014-05-25 21.25.43_resized


25 May 14

Sunday I was feeling particularly sorry for myself but never the less I wanted to do something productive for at least a small portion of the day and my flatmate had put the frozen yogurt idea into my head so off we went down to our local cafe Moosh.  I ordered the vanilla with strawberries and raspberries and with the sun out I almost for a moment forgot about how average I was feeling. I cant remember the last time I ate frozen yogurt but after gorging this in a matter of minutes, it definitely wont be the last.




26 May

 Finally got around to purchasing some bits and pieces for my herb garden from Homebase. I am really not the gardening-house wife-domesticated goddess type but I am determined to try and grow the basics without trying to kill them all (fingers crossed). There is nothing better than having fresh organic herbs for cooking in your food and most importantly adding flavour to some of our favourite cocktails.  Tomorrow im going to be planting some seeds of Mint, parsley, basil, coriander and varieties of chillies. Will keep you posted on their progress Рwish me luck! 



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